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The sun peers through the trees and onto a spectacular patch of uncorrupted farmland as we enter the music video for Madelyn Victoria’s “Right Here With You.” Horses, cattle, turkeys and an inviting house dot the landscape in the lingering moments of daylight, but as Victoria starts to sing and darkness overtakes the sky we’re transported to a dimly lit saloon adorned with the single starred flag of Texas. Friends are gathering, lonely hearts abound. A gentleman catches the eye of Victoria as she comes through the doors and he can’t help but take a second look. The beer in his hand isn’t as satisfying anymore – like us, he’s spellbound by the energy that our lead singer is giving off just by entering the room.

Victoria’s singing is punctuated with a sense of yearning that beckons us to inquire further, and we watch as the young man approaches her to do just that under the golden glow of the bar lights. Laughter gives way to drinks, which in turn give way to an intimate embrace outside the bar. Victoria reminds us that we can fall in love so quickly, but that very love can end up lasting an eternity if perpetuated by a person not too different from ourselves. As wonderfully cinematic as the music video is, it’s somewhat difficult to focus on its theatrical elements alone for the sole reason that Victoria’s voice is so entrancing and magnetic. Around every twist and turn in these verses is another harmony that is larger than life and waiting to take us somewhere we’ve never been before.


It’s pretty common for country artists to shell out a couple of hooky love songs when trying to build their cred in the industry, but “Right Here With You” has an indelibly personal feel to it that makes me think that it’s origins were nothing but organic and unsolicited. Madelyn Victoria’s past recordings definitely set the tone for this single, but there’s something undeniably different about this piece. She’s perfectly composed in the delivery of her lyrics, and her nimble transitions between the verses are streamlined and remarkably efficient. All of the ingredients for a radio-friendly country song are here without any of the overindulgent bark and bluster of so-called “crossover” pop releases.

As we reach the homestretch of the video for “Right Here With You,” Victoria and her new beau find their way onto the road that runs through the old farm and the love-inspiring saloon. We’ve seen them lay the first few emotional bricks of a new life together, and at the whim of a bold melody they venture into the future with the same confidence we encountered in the chorus. If you’re a member of the lonely hearts’ club or you’ve happily found the one you’re meant to be with in this life, “Right Here With You” is a powerful country ballad that is relatable to most anyone who has ever known (or dreamt of knowing) the incredible force that is love. I highly recommend giving this track a spin this autumn – it’s an awesome addition to the young discography of a deeply gifted singer/songwriter who has found her signature sound.


Kim Muncie

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