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With my current office chair near the end of its life, I’m out on the market for a chair that offers better whole body support while not leaving a hole in my wallet. Chairs like the Herman Miller Aeron has always been on my wishlist, though it’s simply hard for me to justify dropping over 1 grand on a chair when there are still car payments and home mortgages to be made. Maybe when those days are over.

So my focus for a new office chair is a budget one that’s ergonomic to boot. After hours of research, one chair seems to be fit the bill perfectly: the Duramont Office Chair. At around $240, it fits my budget perfectly, and the “Amazon Choice” is a reassuring start. I also found further comfort on respectable sites such as, which reviewed the Duramont and called it the overall best chair in the $200 category.


For me, what immediately stood out about the Duramont office chair is the quality of materials used. The heavy duty 5 star base and column are all made of high strength steel that can hold up to 330 lbs. One way for me to immediately tell the quality of a chair is by looking at the caster wheels. Cheap chairs generally use plastic caster wheels that have a mind of its own when rolling, and will leave ugly streak marks on my hardwood floor. The Duramont on the other hand use expensive rollerblade style caster wheels that are ultra smooth and long lasting.


When it comes to ergonomics, the Duramont chair has all its basis covered. The all mesh back rest is ergonomically “s” shaped to fit your back, and I love the adjustable headrest that can not only be raised, but angled to fit your head perfectly. I’ve realized the importance of a good headrest after a long day and not having any support for my head when I lean back. The chair also comes with excellent lumbar support where the firmness can be adjusted easily using a dial. Now that’s not a feature I’ve seen on most other budget office chairs.


Finally, whenever I buy furniture, I always scrutinize the warranty. After all, you just don’t know how it will fit your home or yourself until you’re using it. The Duramont comes with 90 days unconditional no questions asked return policy, abating the final fear I have in buying something like a chair online.



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