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Thanks to improvements in battery technology, the variety of electric personal transportation devices have substantially expanded. Actually, with so many choices out there you may find it difficult to decide which one is the best for you. To help you choose, I will give you some useful information about different options and their characteristics (range, size, portability). So let’s check out these 6 types of electric personal transportation devices.

  • Electric scooter

Right, just like the kids toy you are thinking about. But they come in adults versions, too. They are useful on flat surfaces, due to the small wheels they have. There are also off-road versions available, with bigger wheels. The electric scooter has handlebars and hand brakes which makes it easy to handle. There are foldable models perfect for commuters. It is pretty affordable with its starting price at around $100. Also, pretty much anyone can ride it.

This one is like a skateboard, only longer and wider. The fact that they are self-powered makes them easy to ride. The range varies from 6 to 12 miles; top speed is up to 22 mph. It is driven by wireless hand control. The electric board is fun and has the “cool factor” in it. By using one of those, you will appear as somebody different and interesting.

  • Electric bicycle

If you are a commuter, using an electric bicycle would give you the chance to leave your car at home. And at the same time, you won’t arrive to work sweaty and gasping for air. Just take a look at some of the benefits of that alternative transportation method:

  • 30 – 50 miles range from one battery charge
  • Top speed – up to 30 mph
  • It is really comfortable
  • Pretty much everybody can use it
  • Rich choice of bicycle types
  • Hoverboard

The hoverboard has built-in gyroscopic pads. Because it is easy to ride, their popularity is constantly rising (especially for indoor use and as kids toys). The maximum speed of the hoverboard is up to 10 mph with an average range of 14 miles. It is a relatively safe transportation device due to low top speed and ease to use. It is affordable, too.

  • Electric Moped

This option allows you to take a passenger or a bit of luggage such as groceries with you. The range varies between 30 – 50 miles, and the top speed is 30 mph. The electric moped is silent and eco-friendly. Also, by choosing that option, you will never ever be stuck in traffic jams again.

  • Electric unicycle

Electric unicycles are among the most portable electrical personal devices. They are perfect for completing the so-called “last mile”, commuting and shopping. Because of the size and weight of the electric unicycle, when you’re done using it, you can just put it in your bag. The maximum speed varies between 12 and 30 miles per hour. And the range can be up to 50 miles.

What would you choose depends on your personal situation. Consider which option is the best for you by taking into consideration the size, range, driving experience, and maximum speed of those devices. Your choice also depends on what terrain you would use the device on. So whatever transportation means you choose, make sure you love it and it makes you feel happy. If you’re looking for the right electric scooter, visit

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