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Live sports inspire us in ways that only a sports fan and an actual player would know, but betting on your favorite sport just takes that excitement to an all new level. As anyone who has gambled on games before will tell you, it’s not as much about the money, as it is about the rush it gives. Of course, it’s about the money too, but that comes later on.

In case the prospect of experiencing that rush and winning a pretty decent amount of money appeals to you, here are the eight most popular betting sports in the world, because they provide the best rewards.

Soccer (Football)

Soccer, or football as it known elsewhere, is by far the most popular sport in the world to bet on as well as to watch and play.

If you are interested in winning big by betting on soccer games, click here and visit Maxim99. It is the premier website for betting on all kinds of sports, but soccer definitely takes precedence because the sport sees the highest number of bets and wins every year. Nevertheless, whether you are a fan of American football, baseball or even eSports for that matter, Maxim99 probably has an upcoming game for you to bet on.

American Football

If you are reading this in the North American continent, then you will be pleased to know that football is the second most popular sport to bet on in the entire world.

In the United States though, there is no other sport that can rival football in terms of general popularity or popularity among gamblers. Therefore, you will find a special betting spot dedicated to American football on Maxim99, alongside almost every other competitive sport out there.


Baseball and basketball often compete with each other in terms of popularity within the US, but basketball does have a wider audience in the international scene at places like 스포츠중계 . Nevertheless, baseball remains one of the top three sports in America for watching, playing and of course, betting throughout the long season.


Just as mentioned previously, basketball has a much wider range of audience across the globe because it is played almost everywhere, while serious baseball is mostly limited to North America and a few South American nations like Venezuela and Panama for example.

In fact, back in 2018, basketball actually replaced baseball as America’s second most popular sport after being in the third place for more than a decade. Football remains the number one sport though, as it almost always has been.

For basketball fans around the world, there are now more opportunities to bet on local and international games than ever before, but NBA still remains the most sought-after event to bet on for basketball fans within and outside North America.


While cricket does share some similarities with baseball, these two games are very different from each other. Hardly anyone bets on cricket in the US, but it is one of the most betted on sport in the whole world.

Part of that is true because India, with its 1.33+ billion population absolutely loves playing, watching and betting on cricket, but there’s another aspect to it as well.

Cricket is quite a bet-friendly sport actually, with every ball in or over offering the opportunity for a smaller bet, as well as the bigger bets on outcomes in general.


It doesn’t have to be as much about the skill of the boxers as it should be about the hype when it comes to betting in boxing it seems. If you are in any doubt regarding that observation, then consider the fact that the Mayweather Vs. McGregor fight is currently the most betted on boxing match in history, in spite of the two fighters coming from completely different martial art backgrounds!

What has made boxing so popular is quite different from what contributes to the popularity of boxing as a betting game. A fight between two big fighters is what builds the hype and the chance of an upset is what makes people bet on the big matches.

Someone who bets regularly on boxing though, will be much more resilient to the hype, but won’t miss out an opportunity to put his knowledge and experience to win big from them.

Horse Racing

Very few sports in the history of sport itself go back as far as horse racing. In fact, it is one of those rare games which was possibly created for people and participants to bet on the outcomes.

This is not to say that horse racing just for the enjoyment of it cannot happen, but given the huge costs of maintenance and the specialized physical structures of the jockeys and the horses, that would be quite unlikely in today’s world!

There is huge money involved in horse races, and if you can get a good grasp on how these races work, and how to identify winning horses, it is possible to bet, win (and lose) big money on horse races.

Formula 1 Racing

Any car race in the world is ideal for betting, but no other race generates more bets than the F1 races internationally. Betting on Formula 1 isn’t as popular in the US though, which is understandable, given that none of the racers from the United States are among the top drivers in the sport. F1’s popularity in betting stems more from the European continent, as that’s pretty much where all the best racers in F1 hails from.

Unlike putting your money in a slot game, sports betting isn’t entirely about luck. When you start following teams, leagues, players, performances, races, matches, games, previous records and various other aspects of any sport closely enough, you begin to see patterns and your predictions come true with more accuracy with each passing bet. So, choose your sport/sports, start following them closely and begin by betting small amounts. Once you get the hang of it, keep in mind that people do win big from sports betting all the time, and so can you.

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