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Oil tinctures are some of the most important medical inventions of the past century. They allow you to experience the best that cannabis has to offer medically without having to go through any of the problems that many smokers have.

Taking CBDfx oil tincture doses is considered much healthier and much more convenient by medical journals and professionals around the world as well as much more convenient. Here are just some of the effects that oil tinctures have that are more desirable than those that occur while smoking cannabis.

It won’t get you high

This is probably the best difference between oil tinctures and smoking cannabis. For the times that you simply don’t have the time to get high or are concentrating on something important, oil tinctures have you covered.

CDBfx oil tinctures won’t get you high most of the time because they’re prepared with low THC strains which minimized the psychedelic effects of cannabis. This maximizes the health benefits of the drug as well. Many of us with medical issues will thank the medical professionals who isolated the medical strain to keep the high separate.

It starts working faster

Unlike edibles which can famously take more than an hour to start working their magic, tinctures begin to act within 15 minutes of being administered. This is a classic effect of making the desired effect of a medicinal plant more potent and optimizing its delivery across the human body.

The effects of tinctures can be experienced very fast if you want to hurry up and reach a meeting or a social gathering or just want a certain pain or discomfort to stop as soon as possible. You don’t need matches or to roll up a joint, but just use the oil in the bottle.

It stops working faster

Since the effects of tinctures appear faster, they also fade faster. Tinctures usually peak around 90 minutes of operation and after consumption; they can last about 4 to 8 hours depending on the dose. Since the effects are felt so quickly, the patient can feel comfortable taking a small amount and waiting for the effects.

As with any form of cannabis, there is caution to being with a small dose so that you can increase your tolerance and avoid any unwanted effects of over consumption. As for overdoses, they are very unlikely, but it’s always good to begin slow. 

It’s safe for children

Tinctures are very safe to use for adults, but they’re also safe to use for children. Hence you won’t need to obsess if your children have an ailment or need to turn to cannabis for treatment. Because of the high CBD and low THC content of oil tinctures, there is maximum medical benefit of the drug in the oil tincture.

The child will not be high or need to be high to experience the medicinal effects that cannabis has to offer. This helps in so many treatments for seizures and ailments like dravet syndrome.

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