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Men’s fashion and military clothing have had a close relationship for so long that the origin of individual pieces or a rhyming combination of an outfit is sometimes indistinct. Military styling has proven it has more to offer and that has seen it transform from just a fleeting trend to be one of the most coveted classic grooming codes for men. Today’s military styling dates back to World War One(WW1) but the rising prominence was felt in the WW2.  

The combination of muted hues, masculine combat prints, and uniquely structured pants, shirts and coats were intended to fusion uniformity, but they refused to fade away even after the war. Military styles will never run out of fashion as fresh, classic and unique trends are introduced in the market each season.   

You wanna soldier up? This article aims to help you pull off some of the most classic military styles, in a more civilian world.   Understanding Military style, pattern and color: the most striking element that one has to get absolutely right when it comes to military styling. Launching shades of khaki, green or brown in the most unlikely places will give you that military attack. You can decide to take your game higher by combining various styles with heavy duty military boots, casual boots or just sneakers as explained below. And if you want to know how to lace combat boots, click here .

Camo Blazers, Jackets, Chinos And Tees.

Camouflage is the key aspect when it comes to military printing. While it may not be appropriate when used in the office, military grooming offers a great option when used for casual occasions. For instance, you can decide paring faded camouflage tee, a navy blazer, khaki Chinos and white sneakers for a cool, classic weekend. You can add to your style by replacing the sneakers with brown military boots.  

Green Peacoats.

The current styling has seen a great rivalry between the officer and the green peacoat. The later is a marine outfit and has stormed the market making it almost a necessity for every man. The double-breasted coat was made famous by Steve McQueen and D. Craig. The flaring collar combined with its sprawling length makes it fit nicely over suits for work. When you go for this outfit, keep the details really simple – never opt for a print. You have an option to change the brass buttons with the ones that match your coat’s color. The coat combines well with any shoes, either a sneaker, military boots or official. Just make sure the coat isn’t oversized.  

Green Suits.

Green either in olive shades or khaki is the go-color when it comes to military styling in men. The natural tinctures offer great and cool replacement for the navy or black colors. It should never be combined with heavy prints as it is capable of creating a fancy military look on its own. A washed-out denim – either a jacket or a ripped jeans pair well with khakis. An army green shirt under a blazer creates more casual looks – or go with a black trench coat with brown military boots or Chelsea boots in brown suede.  

Green Parka Jackets.

The foundation of this military fashion is the parka. Though it will not protect you from bullets, the floaty, hooded coat offers a great option for the winter. Current fashion includes the fishtail and Eskimo’s fur-lined coats. The market has also seen the introduction of nylon or matte rubber jackets which offers classic raincoats that can be used anywhere.  For casual yet chic street appeal, put on a rollneck and black-cropped pants. Another cool option to go with is to replace the rollneck with a striped sweater. If you are headed for the office, consider putting on a waist-parka jacket as it rhymes perfectly with any three-piece suit.  

Military Watches.

Everyone has a thing that he or she cannot live without-maybe a phone, whatnot, a drink or a game console. On the other hand, if you ask a military guy, he will tell you a watch – and not just a watch, it must have the necessary features and can withstand impact or roughest environmental conditions. Military-style watches are not solely made for the Air Forces or the Navies, it is a perfect junk that you can add in your wardrobe. Though they may tend to drift from ideal price bracket, the watch’s durability and functionality will make up for the price. This in-depth guide on NanaDC military-style watches is aimed to give you heads up on some of the most coveted military watches and their prices. Military watches are forever trendy and are jam-packed with extraordinary accessories or features such as night vision, solar power supply, a barometer, and automated compass direction among others. There are a lot of trending military watches-that you can consider adding to your watches’ cabinet.  

Camo Shorts, Pants and Trousers.

Every male fashion has succumbed to the sports-luxe trend and military style are no exception either. Sturdy trousers in cool silhouette tailored with elasticated waist and cuffed ankles have become one of the hottest trends right about now. Original utilitarian finishing such as thick cotton and cargo pockets are now being replaced with synthetic fibers and metallic zips, accentuating active note moods. Pants have not been left behind. For instance, Neo-pants and nice fitting tee rhyme perfectly with brown military boots. For a chic layered appearance, put on a bomber jacket in sporty nylon or neoprene and seal it with aviation glasses. This helps add an air force appeal. The same guidelines apply to shorts. For cool and effortless summer looks, put on fitting shorts and roll up the cuffs just slightly.  Military Cardigans. As strange or hard as it’s to digest, grandpas aren’t the originators of the cardigans. This classic styling has its roots in military clothing. The cardigan is mostly loved for its insulation properties. Every subculture or style trend that crosses your mind is practical in every aspect making them one of the most bought military gear by the civilians.

The timelessness, appeal, and functionality of the military dressing – or perhaps the association with heroism has seen the dressing code continue rocking the fashion market. Investing either in a boot, pants, watch, blazer or any outfit will prove to be a lifetime investment as not only will you look up to date but also cool. Though their prices may tend to look out of common range, their durability and services will pay for themselves down the line.

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