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Air traveling has significantly reduced the time spent on the road and made it possible to reach remote destinations quickly. While most people enjoy flying, they dread the time spent in airports, which are traditionally not the friendliest places out there. Waiting for the flight or even worse, for a flight that was delayed is not a pleasant feeling, to say the least. However, modern travelers have the advantage of carrying some of the most useful instruments for instant entertainment. Mobile devices are hotspots for fun and the sheer power harnessed by tablets and smartphones opens an entire world of opportunity.

Bring your games to you on the road

Avid gamers know all too well that whenever they are not in front of their computer, their slots occasionally go back to their favorite games. The prospect of being stranded in an airport, waiting for the flight and with no source of entertainment is downright daunting. The good news is that smartphones and tablets make it possible to play most of the popular videogames in these places. Everything from first-person shooters to role-playing video games and city builders can be enjoyed on the tiny displays.

There is tremendous interest among videogame developers to establish a dominant position in the mobile gaming industry. New games are being released all the time and interesting enough, some titles are available exclusively for mobile devices. Granted real-time strategy games and MMORPGs are still not suitable for smartphones and tablets, all other games are playable. There are plenty of free games to enjoy and even though many rely on micro-transactions, they are not necessarily pay-to-win.

Pocket casinos at your disposal

Mobile devices are also perfectly suited for playing casino games on real and virtual money. You can read some reviews and choose which is best for you before you play. Slots and video pokers in particular can be fun to play in an airport because they require minimal user involvement. One doesn’t have to channel one’s entire attention on these games and can be fully aware of their surroundings. Slots are also the ones carrying some of the biggest progressive jackpot games, so deep down, players know that there’s also the chance of winning a life-changing amount.

Live dealer casinos are now available to mobile players and they can interact with real croupiers, as well as their peers. Live roulette, blackjack and baccarat is usually reserved to real money players, but the RNG versions of the game are an excellent alternative. Online gambling operators went a step further and have added specialty games, scratch cards and even lottery inspired titles such as bingo and keno.

One of the few advantages of major airports is that many of them have free Wi-Fi for travelers. Since most of the aforementioned games are more entertaining when played against other people, Internet connectivity is a big plus. On the off chance that Wi-Fi is not available, players can still use their smartphones and tablets to play many of the games in offline format, in single player.

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