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When you first get your car, it’s shiny, clean and it created a statement. Over time, your baby starts to lose its luster. She looks a little run down and doesn’t function like she used to. Or maybe, your car has always been an embarrassment, and you’re searching for a way to spruce up your ride for cheap.

There exists cheap mods that can completely change the look of your car for the better. From car wraps, a new sound system and custom number plates these upgrades will make people turn their heads to look at you when you’re driving down the street.

Floor Mats

One of the easiest ways to transform your cars interior into a nice plush luxurious inside is by adding custom floor mats. This will not only help you have a beautiful interior that people can be in aw, consider that it’s the first thing they see when they step in, but you will always keep it clean. One of the hardest things in life is maintaining what you have. So if you clean something, you want it to stay clean. Different floor mats will help you make maintenance an easy option. Always choose to stick with either leather or plastic mats as these will hold up against dirt and debris.

Private Number Plates

A great way to make a statement. I’m a fan of the funny plates like “EWW A BUG” on a Volkswagen Beetle. There are limits to personalised plates, for example, you can’t put anything inappropriate, but there are ways around this if you’re creative. If you want to buy your own, put some lights around the plate to draw attention to your hard work.

Tinted Windows

Perfect for style and privacy, putting black tinted windows on your car not only keeps the sun out of your eyes but makes you look like a secret spy or a celebrity. As a practical benefit, the tint blocks UV rays and prevents the interior from getting too heated. The laws can be tricky with these, as some places won’t let you tint your front windows, so keep that in mind before you put this mod on your car.

Car Wraps

Painting your car is really expensive, but if your vehicle is really rusted, maybe opt for a car wrap. Want to make your vehicle look like it was dipped in chrome? How about invisible to the naked eye by covering it in camo? Or showing off your pride for America by wrapping it in the flag? If you can think it, someone has probably made a wrap for it. Looking to get that showroom-finish shine on your car – Go to as they cover everything you need to know about car wax .

Seat Covers

You probably can’t afford leather seats for your first car, or maybe you don’t want them to get damaged. How about a pleather patch kit instead? If ’you’re going to get really creative, you could sew your name, a phrase, shapes, whatever you want on the back of the seat. If you, unfortunately, live in a place that has winter, you could install seat covers that heat up to keep warm.

New Sound System

Maybe you don’t want any of that fancy stuff, but you want to make the car shake when you turn up the bass. Getting aftermarket or used car stereos for a fraction of the original cost and installing them yourself can achieve this effect if they’re good enough. Get an amplifier, a subwoofer and a head unit, and don’t skimp on a Bluetooth speaker so you can hook it up without an AUX cable.


If your car isn’t high performance, this could be a good idea. Adding a spoiler actually lowers your car’s overall pressure drag to help it move a little bit faster. You can also use a spoiler as a table if you sit behind it to eat your takeaway soup. Very versatile!

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