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As of 2018, the global production of coffee was approximately 158.6 million 60-kilogram bags. Coffee production continues to increase due to its preferred flavor and proven benefits.

Apart from drinking, did you know of other uses of coffee that have a direct effect on your health? Well, there is one, a coffee enema!

A coffee enema is a kind of colon cleanse. You can use it as an alternative treatment for certain health conditions. Discover the many benefits of coffee enemas, here.


Enemas can help detoxify the liver and intestines. Coffee contains two unique constituents. The two increase the level of glutathione in the two organs.

Glutathione is an antioxidant that aids in toxins breakdown for our body to remove them. The components may also help in cancer growth suppression.

Less roasted coffee beans have a higher proportion of the two powerful ingredients. Coffee also:

  • Contains antioxidants that lower inflammation, hence aiding in liver cell regeneration
  • Contains caffeine that helps in preventing chronic diseases and liver problems
  • Can prevent liver tissue fibrosis
  • Helps in blood vessels dilation, increasing the advantages of coffee enemas

When performing enemas, the coffee constituents go straight to the liver. Thus, increasing glutathione. Absorption of coffee and the nutrients is faster than drinking the coffee.

Stimulation and proper flow of liver bile are essential to the detoxification process. Coffee enemas can help in unblocking the bile duct.

Sometimes, the toxins in your liver can get reabsorbed. Enemas also help in removing the toxins out of your body.

Glutathione also increases in the intestines hence aiding in detoxification. This powerful antioxidant also helps in neoplasia inhibition.

The uncontrolled growth of tissues that becomes tumors is Neoplasia. Glutathione can aid in creating optimal functions of the bowels.

The alleged power of enemas about detoxification is from the pseudoscientific theory of autointoxication. The argument may lack scientific evidence. But even over 2,000 years ago, the Romans and Egyptians performed enemas.

Helps with Depression and Anxiety

The body requires a balanced parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system to function. When the sympathetic system is faster than the parasympathetic, you experience anxiety and depression.

Coffee enema benefits are:

  • Aiding in the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system, helping with depression
  • Stimulating gallbladder contractions that help the bile duct to open. 
  • Raising plasma cholecystokinin which allows generating a relaxed feeling

Improving Digestion

Enemas stimulate the release of bile acids, which may help in fat digestion. They also relieve severe constipation. Click here for more information on coffee enemas

Commonly Overlooked Benefits of Coffee Enemas

  • Boosting immunity
  • Removing parasites from the gut
  • Treating autoimmune diseases
  • Inhibiting yeast overgrowth

Weight Loss

Auto-intoxication explains how your body can get certain diseases. It’s due to toxins and undigested food waste building up in the intestines.

The buildup of these substances can also block metabolism, causing weight gain. A caffeine enema detoxifies the intestines, unblocking the system. This helps in weight loss. Besides Weight Loss, there are other benefits of having coffee before working out.

These benefits of coffee enemas have no scientific evidence. But, the practice was there over thousands of years ago till today. Check out our website for more interesting and informative articles.

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