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If you live in a location that is particularly prone to extreme weather, you need to storm-proof your home right away. Taking this action won’t just protect your abode, and it won’t just safeguard your finances — it could very well end up saving you and your family’s lives.

Storm-proofing your home really is that important, which is why you shouldn’t delay taking action any longer. Follow the advice laid out below, and get started on this all-important task right away.

Strengthen your entry points

Your walls should be able to withstand the brunt of your storm if they are brick-built. The same, however, cannot be said for your home’s entry points. Your doors and windows are designed to grant you and the outside world easy access into your home, meaning they aren’t going to stand much of a chance when a hurricane or a flood rolls into town. Even when locked, your points of access will find it difficult to compete with excessively dangerous storm weather, which means they should be the first areas of your home that you seek to strengthen.

When it comes storm protection for windows and doors, Muhler Company’s patented Storm Trim™ protection system is always something you should consider having fitted. As stated at, this protection is compliant, economical, non-corrosive, and, most importantly of all, strong. What’s more, it can be applied to any opening, be it a window, a door, or a garage door.

De-clutter your yard

If you don’t de-clutter your yard before a storm hits, don’t be surprised if the objects that you left lying around on your lawn transform themselves into flying objects. If the winds are high and strong enough, even something as heavy as a rake could become a dangerous flying object — now, imagine one of those hurtling towards your back window. Not a nice thought, is it? For this reason, if a storm is imminent, you should be sure to get out there and make sure your yard is well and truly de-cluttered.

Prevent water penetration

Should heavy rain or flooding ever be on the forecast, you need to take action right away with regards to preventing water penetration. If granted access to your home and then left unchecked for a sufficient period of time, water will transform into mold and mildew. As if these problems aren’t bad enough, they will then cause rotting to occur within your home — that’s an extensive (and expensive) type of damage you don’t want to face.

To prevent water penetration, you should:

  • Fill in cracks in the masonry (especially in the basement foundation walls)
  • Lay absorbent soil near your property
  • Consider landscaping your yard to ensure water is drained safely
  • Stain your structures to give your home a barrier of moisture

When there is a storm, every minute matters, so by taking the above advice, your home could just about buy you the time you need to get yourself and your family out of harm’s way. What are you waiting for, then? If you live in a storm-prone area, especially, you should set about the task of storm-proofing your home right away.

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