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Talking With Owls immediately will draw listeners in with a high-energy guitar line, bold and assertive bass lines, and a set of vocals that meld together Sum 41 and Glenn Danzig. The Finger Guns are able to build upon the pop-punk of acts like Wakefield, Rise Against and Mest by mooring their music to the intricate early emo of mid-1980s DC acts. The immediacy of Go Away will call back to The Dead Kennedys and Ginn-era Black Flag. Whipping in hints of street-punk (Dropkick Murphys, The Briggs) to the mix, The Finger Guns are able to make a song that will have the collective audience singing along after their first few plays.

The Blowsy EP is able to shine as bright as it does because of the masterful production. Each note, bass line, drum fill and guitar solo is able to shine alone or as part of a greater whole. These five tracks are some of the crispest and cleanest punk we’ve ever heard, and it does not come at the cost of The Finger Guns’ soul. Anti-Bursts allows the vocals ample opportunity to shine, weaving through a hard-hitting narrative about fiction versus reality in higher education.

No Reason To Stay Away shatters any conception that listeners may have regarding late-album tracks. The raw passion and weariness that is showcased during this effort is something all can understand, while the multi-part vox will tattoo themselves deep into fan’s minds. The Blowsy EP ends with Til The Dawn, a bit of a C&W-fied punk effort that has The Finger Guns flying the flags of both Hank JR and Mojo Nixon to close up shop.

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Top Tracks: Anti-Bursts, No Reason To Stay Away

Rating: 9.7/10

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