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It is the most intense desire of every bride-to-be to look utterly beautiful and mesmerizing at the most special day of her life.

At the wedding day, all eyes are on brides. Guests meticulously observe the bride from top to bottom. From wedding outfit to accessories, pieces of jewelry, makeup, everything should be top of the line in a bridal makeover.

Outfits and jewelry are something that brides can rope in on their own. However, it’s not the case with bridal makeup. For makeup, they require the expertise of professional makeup artist who can help them in getting ready for the D-day.

Undeniably, makeup is an intricate art. DIY makeup is not a good idea for the big days like wedding and engagement ceremony. The right thing to do is to hire a best makeup artist in delhi that will help you to avoid some serious makeup blunders that we are going to state below.

Putting Too Much Makeup

Agree or not, excess of everything is bad. Putting extra makeup for the big day not only ruin your big day but also the wedding photographs.

Avoid applying excess of makeup and ask your makeup artist to for the makeup products and style that render a natural look.

But, how would you find the perfect makeup look for the big day? Go for trials. that’s what trial is for.

Avoiding Trial

Skipping the makeup trial is one of the biggest blunders brides can commit. Even the most proficient and experienced makeup artists suggest every bride run multiple trials to find the perfect makeup look for the big day.

Yes, makeup trials will make a bit of dent in your wallet as well as consume your time, however, that investment will give you a huge return. Running multiple trials will give you a crystal clear idea of what won’t work on you and what would be exemplary for the big day.

You can fix a swoon-worthy make up look for the big day with the help of makeup artists and can avoid the blunder of choosing random makeup look like a pro!

Not Utilizing Waterproof Makeup

In Indian weddings, most of the brides usually wear heavy wedding outfits like Lehenga which are not only difficult to carry but also cause a lot of sweating because of their chunky fabric.

If you are going to wear chunky wedding outfit for the big day, we recommend you to use waterproof makeup so that the sweating won’t sway your bridal makeup.

Though this pointer is a no-brainer, still we have listed it here to remind brides about the significance of using waterproof bridal makeup.

Getting Stuck in Trends

One of the biggest mistakes that brides-to-be commit is getting caught up in trends.

They follow celebrities like Kardashians or Jenners who render new fashion and makeup tips every other week. What they tell to users is something that dwindles rapidly with time. Instead of getting caught in celebrities trends,  try to find out something that is timeless and have a huge appeal.

Find out the classiest trends, not the temporary one and ask your Makeup artist to deliver that look to you.

Sticky Lips

For a big and auspicious occasion like wedding, always go or matte lipsticks which are non-sticky in nature rather than lip gloss or creamy lipsticks.

The key reason to avoid sticky lipsticks is, first of all, they wear off quickly. Second, there is quite a fair chance that your hairs fall off and get stick to the gloss of lipstick. And you can’t afford to have awkward wedding photographs with your hair sticks to your lips.

Go for the non-sticky lipsticks and make sure to keep your hair up to avoid any contact.

We hope these tips will help to keep you make up game to the T and ace the bridal look!

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