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Trekking is a dramatic, adrenaline activity for avid trekkers. And if the country is a panoramic beauty, it is a cherry on the top for the enthusiast travelers. Vietnam and Cambodia, the countries rich in culture and impressive architectures offer some less strenuous travel treks amidst the wild nature. If you are on your Vietnam Cambodia tour, we recommend making the most of the trip by reading this piece of content. 

So get ready for your (hiking) ride into some of the soaring mountains, postcard views and charming villages with rice paddies. Let’s start with Vietnam first. 

  • Ha Giang:

The northernmost part of Vietnam being encircled by China remained out of the reach of visitors for quite a long time. However, this newest addition to the list is getting the top spot for some apparent reasons. The sculpted rice terraces are a treat for the ones who love to don the hiking boots. 

The other hosts during the trekking are the markets of Flower H’mong, Dzao, and Nung. The place is a dream location for any avid photographer. 

The place is home to some of the astounding steep mountains and dense forests. During the hiking tour, you shall pass through Ma Pi Leng Pass, where you will be awe-struck with the beauty of Nho Que River located deep under the canyon. 

You can plan your trek of 3 to 4 days and make it an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime. 

Note: The difficulty level of this trek is extremely high. 

  • Sapa:

Sapa is a perfect blend of spectacular landscapes and vibrant locals. It grabs the number one position on the list of places to visit in Vietnam. While walking through the city, you will observe lush forests ad rice paddies consisting of over 8 ethnic varied cultures. The city has a population of around 30,000, but the locals are hidden throughout the hills(not literally). 

Sapa will capture your heart with the mountain terrain heights of 3143 meters. You will be spellbound with the majesty of the mountains and trust us, during your trek, whichever direction you look, your eyes would be covered with the soothing mountain ranges. 

If you have no time constraint, you can take the next step into some of the dense jungles and dive into sanctity listening to cheerful birds chirping. You will feel so contented amidst nature that you can spend days in the jungle and enjoy some jaw-dropping views. If you are lucky, you will get a great 2 to 3 days Vietnam holiday deals covering this package. 

Note: The difficulty level of this trek is hard.

  • Nam Cat Tien National Park:

If you are the one who loves to trek in the lap of nature, this National park trek in south Vietnam should not be missed. It is newly added in the map list of adventures and comprises varied animal habitats, lush green forests, bamboo forests and more. You may find diverse varieties of flora & fauna, replies, birds and amphibians. 

If you are planning to wander around the park, you can book your stay at the nearby bungalows. Ideally, you can stay here for 2 to 3 days. 

Note: The difficulty level of this trek is normal.

Now let’s explore the trekking places in Cambodia:

  • Mondulkiri Adventure:

The place located remotely in the heart of Mondulkiri province. The highland province lies in the north of Cambodia and is the most favorite place of fascinated trekkers. You will be diving into lush green landscapes and living in the homes of the local tribesmen. People are going crazy over the elephant rides offered during the tour, and the place supports eco-tourism.

Well to your surprise, the ride is not limited to just touching but, you can feed them, bathe them in the bamboo jungles. Isn’t that exciting? You will have an ample amount of opportunities for hiking and exploring. A 2 to 3 days trip will de-stress you and give you heights of tranquility.

Note: The difficulty level of this trek is normal to hard.

  • Phnom Kulen National Park, Siem Reap:

This is the best hiking place if you do not want to go far from the city center. Phnom Kulen National Park is the birthplace of the Khmer empire passing through the pristine Cambodian jungle. You will pass by impressive sandstone plateau during your walk upwards. You will be surprised to see some exquisite mountains and an inviting waterfall.

The place is promising and treats you exceptionally well during your getaway. You will also find hammocks, placed in a way away from the sunlight and some Cambodian style shelters. It is ideal to plan out a 2 to 3 days trip to this place and explore the area. 

Note: The difficulty level of this trek is hard.

  •  Cardamom Mountain:

Have you ever thought of visiting a rainforest for trekking? Are you excited to have this experience of a lifetime during Vietnam and Cambodia tours? This is a scintillating place in southeast Asia located near the boundaries of Cambodia and Thailand. The place may look like a haunted one, but trust us, it is an untouched beauty. 

Adventurous travelers can ride through the forest in the boat along with spending a day with locals. Don’t faint on your ride if you come across a wild elephant or a leopard. Just like the other places, you can spend 2 to 3 days in this rain forest. 

Note: The difficulty level of this trek is normal to hard.

These little adventures in life will fill your bucket with memorable experiences. The adventure trek will drive you nuts during your journey to untrodden trails.

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