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Path of Exile’s latest expansion is Blight, and it has changed the game in a better way. The expansion has added some new content that can be purchased using PoE currency like Exalted Orb. It has also introduced some changes to spells, but most of them that worked perfectly in the last league can be still used as before as not all of them have been nerfed. However, if you want to get through whatever is featured in the latest expansion pack without relying on exalted orbs, then you need to learn about the best Blight league build.

For those who don’t know, making a build in Path of Exile can be really difficult if you’re new to the game. Not only this, but you also have to build the right one in order to deal with a certain situation. However, we are going to list some of the best Blight league builds for every class.

Best Blight Summoner Build – Str Stack Zombie Summoner

If you played Path of Exile in the past leagues, then you must know about how powerful this build is. And now, it has returned with even more power. The main purpose of this build is to provide you with as much strength as possible, something which your Zombies will get once you were the Baron Helmet. Although this build might seem to be boring at first, it is still one of the best ones since it can destroy anything in its way.

Best Blight Melee Build – Frost Blades Raider

The melee skills and Frost Blades received some amazing buffs during the last league, and this is something which makes Frost Blades one of the best builds even in the Blight League. The best thing about Frost Blades is that they can be acquired during the early stages of the game, and you can go with it if you want to play a bonus bez depozytu 2022 from the start to the end game.

Best Spell Caster Build – Essence Drain Occultist

Although the Essence Drain build can work well for both Trickster and Occultist, it still works better with the second one. Old players know that this build has been considered as one of the best Spell Caster Builds during the previous leagues. The best thing about the Essence Drain build is that it features high damage output along with fast clear speed. It also offers high life regeneration and amazing defensive capabilities.

Best Blight Bow Build – Toxic Rain Shadow

The Toxic Rain Shadow is easily one of the best Bow Builds, despite not receiving any changes during the past leagues. Just like the above-mentioned build, this one also offers amazing defensive capabilities. Many players claim that this build is amazing for both leveling and end-game content. In short, this build can help you in any map mods as it deals a lot of damage. Although this build takes some time to take down its opponents, its skill of slowing down enemies will help you eliminate high health enemies effectively.

These were the best Path of Exile Blight builds for Summoner, Melee, Spell Caster, and Bow. We hope that our post will help you choose the right one.

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