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Over the past few years, there has been ample curiosity on the business investment scopes in Guangxi Nanning region in South China. There was a time when this region had several restrictions on global business, trade and commerce. Recently, these limitations have eased out to a great extent. For 2019, the area had planned to acquire an impressive $121.84 foreign investment. The developments so far have been encouraging and the area today has a promising future. 

The essential developments

The overall foreign capital that’s aimed to get used in this region this year, i.e. 2019 is $750 million. Also, the government will work towards working for an advanced goal of approximately $850 billion.  There have been several press conferences that announced this and other developments. Another press conference announced the region’s desire for drawing in foreign capital to help in introducing brand new projects. 

It will ultimately help to foster brand new driving forces. There will be smart initiatives taken that will concentrate on three crucial areas. These comprise logistics, health and big data. Other fields might consist of new energy, manufacturing and new materials. So, if you have a business that caters to these verticals, you can aim for expansion in this region. However, it is essential to check the legal and industry laws for the same. To know more about, you can check out

This region will also work towards gaining support from big and overseas enterprises. Some of the essential industries comprise of finance, new technology and economy.

The business policies

Recently, the Guangxi Nanning region has come up with a series of business policies for enhancing the region’s business landscape. It has also enabled the local governments to come up with essential assistance policies for generating favourable conditions, in multiple areas comprising talent support, financial assistance, electricity and water, and construction.

The latest news reports reveal that the region had attracted close to 795.9 billion in the foreign investment back in 2018. Also, this region decided to implement its three-year development plan, (2018 to 2020) that will focus the region’s initiatives to gain foreign industrial investment.

Furthermore, Nanning will come up with its policies and plans to develop its industrial domain. It will also upgrade its Green City tag in a way that it generates increased business scopes around the world. Also, to promote all these upcoming projects, the region will work for improving industrial optimization and allocate resources and benefits for developing three industry verticals. The fields include:

  • Bio-medicine
  • Advanced equipment manufacturing
  • Electronic data

That is not all! Nanning will enhance the platform to welcome the ASEAN countries and also create an interconnected centre for facilitating multiple initiatives in the updated China-ASEAN version. It will encourage more regions and countries to generate consular institutions in Nanning. It can also deepen exchange and co-operation. The area is also planning to develop its regional global transportation hub and attain a 72-hour transit pass. The region is all set to make its mark in the worldwide business and commerce domain with promising developments and industrial expansion.

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