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Selling singles and albums is no longer the be-all and end-all for top music acts. Nor is going on a sell-out tour of the world, although that obviously helps to keep the bills paid. There are new frontiers for bands to explore in the world of entertainment. Movie and video game soundtracks are one of them, but so is putting in an appearance at a casino.

When we say this, we’re not referring to actually turning up and playing at a casino – although that does happen. We’re talking supplying your music to a brand new UK mobile slots. Mobile slots are rapidly replacing traditional slots as the most common way to engage with the hobby, and some of the biggest names in music are taking advantage of the new format. Some of the greatest names from music’s past have their own mobile slots game dedicated to them, and every time someone spins the reels, you can bet that the people who wrote the songs playing in the background makes a little money.

More and more major recording stars join the mobile slots revolution with every passing month, but here are our top ten acts who are involved in the casino world right now!


We’ll start off with one of the most famous and iconic bands of all time. Were it not for their makeup, stage outfits, and larger than life behavior, would glam rock ever really have taken off in America? We don’t think so. If you’ve never seen KISS in the flesh before you should do it while you can; they’re currently in the middle of their final-ever tour before entering retirement. Don’t worry if you miss out, though – their music will always be playing on the KISS: Shout It Out Loud mobile slots game, which features great graphics, expanded reels, an exciting free spins feature, and every single one of the band’s greatest hits.


Even forty years after his death, Elvis Presley is still one of the biggest names in music. Once in a while, someone will either remix one of his old recordings or find a few ones, and the resulting single or album will shoot straight to the top of the charts. We don’t know whether to call the ‘Elvis Lives’ mobile slots game a gambling attraction or a celebration of his life, but you’ll see images of Elvis during every stage of his career on the reels, with songs to match them. With bonus symbols, free spins, and a ‘jumpsuit picker,’ there’s plenty here for fans of the King to sink their teeth into.

Guns n’ Roses

The music of Guns n’ Roses sounds like it was designed to be played in a dingy bar with an old slot machine in the corner, and so it’s only right they have their own mobile slots game. They’re arguably the band that made metal popular, and like KISS, they’re still playing and touring today. They might even soon record new material, but it’s still the old songs – the ones which appear in the game – that fans really want to hear. The official Guns n Roses slot doesn’t disappoint, with a bonus wheel, free spins, and a ‘Crowd Pleaser’ bonus game.

Michael Jackson

Back when he was still with us, Michael Jackson was known as being a free spirit who liked nothing more than to play games. Because of that, we suspect he’d probably have loved the Michael Jackson: King of Pop mobile slots game, which is packed full of more bonus features than any other slot on this list. There are free spins, a bonus wheel, a jackpot round, and multiple additional wild symbols to play for. Sometimes, Jacko himself will moonwalk across the reels and award you extra features!

Spinal Tap

We’re cheating a little bit here. Spinal Tap was never a real band, much as many American fans think they were. They’re a fictional band put together for a comedy documentary, which just so happens to be one of the funniest films of all time. The sense of humor that’s so prevalent throughout the film also features heavily in the Spinal Tap mobile slots game, during which one of the bonus rounds sees you attempting to help the band land a record contract.


Megadeth is something of an acquired taste. They’ll be a familiar name to British fans, and to anyone who’s big on hair metal. They’re less of a household name outside of those interest groups, and so it’s a surprise to see them with their own mobile slots game – but here they are! This slot is as much about good looking guitars as it is the mechanics of the gameplay, but the soundtrack hardly hurts matters, and the way in which symbols expand to help you make a winning combination is a nice touch, too.

Alice Cooper

Rock legend Alice Cooper’s most famous song is ‘School’s Out,’ which is appropriate because once you’re old enough to leave school, you’re also legally old enough to play the Alice Cooper: School’s Out For Summer mobile slots game. This is more of a traditional mobile slots game than some of the others we’ve mentioned so far, which cuts back on the bonus features but still offers some great visuals and, of course, a one-of-a-kind soundtrack from the master of the horror rock genre.

Jimi Hendrix

Like Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix is an artist whose fame has survived multiple decades since he tragically passed away too soon. One of his most famous songs is ‘Purple Haze,’ which you’ll hear in the background of the slot, but we advise you to stay away from that and keep a clear head if you want to win anything from it! Expect free spins, respins, and a ‘Crosstown Traffic’ bonus feature with suitably psychedelic visuals.

Village People

It’s hard to explain the appeal of the Village People to fans who don’t ‘get’ the act, but it’s kept the group in business for many years, and if we’re honest with ourselves, we all know the dance moves to ‘YMCA,’ and we’ve all performed them more than once. You’ll have a hard time getting that song out of your head once you’ve played the Village People: Macho Moves mobile slots game, which features the best graphics out of all the musical slots. It also features a different bonus round for each character from the band!


We’re still not quite over the death of iconic Motorhead frontman Lemmy, and nor is the world of rock and roll at large. He’s still here in the Motorhead: The Tour mobile slots game though, growling at you in an impressively-realistic series of images. This slot is mean, moody, and raw – just like the music of the band that inspired it. It’s not a game to play if you’re looking for multiple quirky bonus features, but if you want ‘Ace of Spades’ blasted loud as you spin the reels, you know where to come.

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