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Texting and calling up friends while traveling abroad is more accessible these days. Browsing using your phone service can save you a lot of time and effort instead of running off to the nearest coffee shop where every millennial is capitalizing on the wi-fi. However, international phone plans can get very expensive especially if you do not know how to manage it or which plan is the most optimal. I am here to help you out with that.

What Makes an Ideal International Phone Plan?

Primarily, you will want a service provider that will give you enough data for the right price. This also means you will want to get a phone carrier plan that includes great bundles such as hotspots and just enough calls and texts. You don’t need to have unlimited calls and texts if your purpose is to upload frequently on your Instagram page for your followers to see in real-time. 

But if you plan on doing consistent calls and texts to your loved ones abroad, you might consider having a plan that specializes in unlimited calls and texts with a small amount of 4G LTE mobile data.

Here are some good examples. 

Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile only launched last May 2017 but people have been liking its services ever since. It has its share of great international plans. They have two ideal plans you should consider taking. They have a family plan but I do not recommend that one. If you want to learn more about its international plans, take a look here

By The Gig

In this plan, you get enough to go by; unlimited calls and texts, 20GB soft data cap and 4G LTE connection. This is an ideal plan if you want to contact your family and friends abroad. For $12 a month, it’s more than worth it – if you don’t use it a lot for mobile data, that is. 


Of course, when you want to go all-out, take the unlimited plan but get this if and only if you constantly post like how Deadpool never stops talking. Get this if you’re a vlogger like reviewing a restaurant or strolling downtown. It’s $45 but if you calculate how much time you always call, text and browse on a daily basis, I’d say it’s all worth that price. 


T-Mobile has been itching to get more people to join in their fun and they have upped the ante with their unlimited plans that are good for both local and international purposes. I am talking about their ONE Plus plan.

T-Mobile ONE Plus

On the surface, it looks expensive: $140 a month. But if you wish to have an on-the-go plan that does not disrupt whether you’re in a local region or abroad, I highly suggest taking the ONE Plus plan since it is a bundle of everything you need – only if you really need a plan that you can use both locally and internationally. 

This plan includes unlimited in-flight wi-fi, 10GB of 4G LTE data, inclusion of voicemail to text and the ability to check unknown caller IDs. The Gogo-enabled flight allows you to browse and stream with an unlimited data cap especially if you’re traveling – best for users who regularly update their social media. At the same time, you have unlimited calls and texts too.

Are They Really Worth It?

Just like you, I wish for cheaper plans also, to be honest, but that is how international phone plans go. You’re paying the phone carrier to bypass coverage from other places in the world and convert them into local space and vice-versa – something that is easier said than done. 

If you want the most stress-free plan, I highly suggest getting a phone plan with high mobile data. To be fair, you can always call and text your loved ones using social media anyway. 

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