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We all had our share of memories and joy while going on a long vacation with friends and family. There are certain things that we plan before packing our bags and taking off to the destination. This includes food, playlists, magazines, books, and some games. Games are an essential part of our lives since childhood. Earlier we used to carry board games with us wherever we go and used to play with each other. Is nostalgia hitting right there? I know. But thanks to the evolvement in the gaming world as now we have space-saving techniques and carry our favourite games with us everywhere we want to go. All inside that small screen of your mobile phones resides the most fun and thrilling games that can never let you get bored during the long hours of your flight.

We have listed below some of the most amazing games that would help you enjoy your wanderlust a bit more. Have a look.

1.       Scramble

Old is gold, indeed. A group of friends and scramble is a perfect combination to spend the fun day with your mates. A simple game for which all you need was a pencil and a notebook and any of your friends can call out a name. People playing this game need to use the letters of that word and write as many words as possible under a time limit. Add your scores, +2 for a new word, +1 if the word is repeated by someone else and decide the winner.

2.       Bingo

The favourite amongst all, Bingo is the most amazing and engaging game to date. Never thought playing with numbers would be so much fun. All you need is to prepare a grid, place the numbers in random order and decide a person who would be calling out the numbers. Achieve the numbers in the desired pattern and BINGO! The game is also available on the live dealer gaming sites so in case you are not with your friends, you can play it all by yourself by registering at the site with a valid username.

3.       Passport to culture

The game is designed to check how loyal you are to your wanderlust. This is based on the local customs and cultures of the place situated anywhere in the world. You need to answer every detail of the place, from famous tourist spots to the most popular food and drinks. Once you answer all of these, you get a stamp on the passport and directed to the next location. Isn’t it a fun game to know about the world while travelling?

4.       Brainbox: The world

Another interesting and educational game accompanying you on your vacation can be brainbox. It is a memory-based game where the players get a few seconds to see a card that has the details of a place. The other person pops a question after rolling the dice. If you answer, you win the card and the person with the maximum number of cards at the end wins.

5.       Flags of the world

This is an educational game based on your knowledge of flags of different countries. The game is a great medium to increase your knowledge of geography.

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