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The Draft Top, an easy way to turn cans into glasses

Draft Top is a revolutionary tool designed to provide beer enthusiasts (and really, anyone that likes canned beverages) with a unique and innovative way of enjoying their favorite drinks. This tool is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the full flavor of their beer without having to worry about a messy or inconvenient opening process. Draft Top has been designed to effortlessly open cans without damaging the top of…

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Top Ten Bands With Their Own Slots

Selling singles and albums is no longer the be-all and end-all for top music acts. Nor is going on a sell-out tour of the world, although that obviously helps to keep the bills paid. There are new frontiers for bands to explore in the world of entertainment. Movie and video game soundtracks are one of them, but so is putting in an appearance at a casino. When we say this,…

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How to Get Started with Container Gardening

Image Credit: Southern Living When it comes to planting/gardening it can be intimidating at first glance, especially if you are attempting to grow your own food.  Any new gardener knows that keeping your plants alive is often the hardest part of it all! A much simpler method to gardening or growing your own food would be Container Gardening, it is super easy and gives your balcony, window or back yard…

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Waterfield Designs – Bolt Briefcase

When one looks to purchase a bag there are a number of different considerations to make. For individuals that have a laptop a bag of a certain size is required. The overall design of the bag matters as well. For those that are active – if they are utilizing a bicycle or carrying their possessions on a train or bus – having a good amount of padding and protection for the…

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Brainstream SOI Handbag / Purse Light

There are a number of problems with having a large purse. Some of these issues arise from the fact that with the larger purses it becomes difficult if not outright impossible to locate every item that is placed inside. Particularly problematic are those smaller items including lipstick and other forms of makeup but even keys can fall present to this concern.

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Therapedic Ultimate Comfort Heated Blanket

We are in the middle of winter and even with the heater on high, there are nights at our house where the temperature begins to dip, and one is required to bury themselves in a blanket like faux fur throw. Therapedic has created the Ultimate Comfort Heated Blanket that goes and ties together a thick, cozy blanket with a tremendously powerful heating element to make for something that is not…

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Shark Rocket Powerhead

I come from a tradition where a good vacuum cleaner is heavy, difficult to move and is absolutely unwieldy. I half expected the Powerhead has to be a device that will pick up small bits and pieces off of our floors but not have much use beyond as a simple dusting apparatus. When we actually had a moment to evaluate the vacuum we were pleasantly surprised at the sheer amount…

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Diono Olympia Convertible Plus Booster Car Seat

Diono’s Olympia Convertible Plus Booster Car Seat is a perfect blend of safety, comfort, and stylish design. The Safestop harness distributes the force of braking equally across the body rather than concentrating it upon a single point, while the lower height of the Olympia has been shown to provide greater security and safety to children in the event of a crash.

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KJB SleuthGear Zone Shield Night Vision Clock Radio – SC8000

Alarm clocks are so commonplace in houses and hotels that one would not expect that a camera would be contained within. The SC8000 has a tremendous amount of functionality beyond its obvious notification mode. The camera is able to record high-quality video even in low light / darkness – the 30 frames per second level ensures that one is provided with a fluid video rather than a choppy collection of…

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Wahl Lighted Detailer Lithium Power

Many of the extra tools that come with household shavers attempt to allow individuals to detail their nose, eyebrows, and neckline. However, I feel that Wahl’s Lighted Detailer is able to have a single, unitary focus and succeeds at providing individuals with shapely necklines, brows, and sideburns at a very approachable price (the detailer is available online for around $15-20).The detailer is powered through one AA battery, and has a…