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Land-based casinos were the only option for fans of slot machines, as well as conventional bingo games such as Roulette and Blackjack in the past, but that has changed in the past few decades, that is after the first online casino brands were launched.

Yes, it is now possible to register with an online casino provider, make a deposit and play your favourite casino games. In fact, if you choose this option there will be plenty of casinos at your disposal and it will be completely up to you to choose which casino you’d like to play at.

Choosing the right casino is easy once you’ve set up criteria on how to rate casino sites and determine which one you should register with.

Always look if a site is licensed

We have set a range of criteria, few things that every potential slots player should consider when choosing an online casino to register with and start playing.

First thing to consider is the licence. Most states have passed at least some sort of legislation that regulates online gambling, so a casino will need to be licenced by a relevant regulatory body before it can start offering its services legally. In the UK, for instance, it is the UK Gambling Commission that’s in charge of issuing licences and regulating the market. If you live in Britain and you’re using a British payment method, make sure that the casino you choose to register with is licensed by the Commission, otherwise, don’t even take that operator into consideration.

UK Gambling Commission puts operators that apply for a license or have obtained one under serious scrutiny, so a license should be a sufficient guarantee that the operator is safe and reliably.

Security always matters

This brings us to our next point – security. Yes, a license is a testament to an operator’s reliability in terms of providing secure payment options and storing your data in an appropriate manner, so that no third parties gain access to it, but we should say a bit more on that.

Firstly, all serious operators use anti-virus software to protect their website from malware, hacker attacks etc. This ensures the safety of the site itself. What’s more important for players is payment security. All financial transactions that go through the casino platform have to be protected, so that no third parties have access to your financial data. Casinos employ similar security mechanisms that are used by leading financial institutions. Encryption technology is one example of technology used to protect payments. Encryption basically means that all communications and all data that is transferred during the transaction is coded which makes it unintelligible to any third parties, even if they manage to get hold of it.

So, if you’re looking to try out the some of the new online slots available at your casino of choice, don’t worry about payment security, just choose your preferred payment method, make a deposit and you’re good to go.

Payment options – variety is good

Again, due to the nature of the discussion, each point follows the previous. In addition to payment security, payment methods should also be considered. Most casinos support credit and debit card payments, but other options like e-Wallets, fast wire payments etc are also available. Some casino operators even offer local payment variants, i.e. payment methods that are only available in certain countries.

Make sure that you go through the terms and conditions and see if the casino charges any additional fees. Most operators don’t charge extra fees, so if you’re looking to register with a casino that does, it would be best to look for other options.

It’s all about the games

Last but certainly not least, the games. People register with casino sites because they are looking to play games, so you should definitely check the game variety before choosing an online casino. Reliable and well-known operators usually offer hundreds of games, with the figure often exceeding 1,000. If you favour games from a particular provider, and a casino that you’re considering to register with doesn’t offer them, then you should probably look at other options, although most online casino sites offer games from a range of providers. 

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