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When traveling, one of the best ways to get a feel for the location is to take a tour. You can take walking tours, boat tours, train tours, plane tours, and so much more. Planning to sight-see can be a grueling task, and tour companies iron out all of the details.

However, where to tour is a whole different question. There are plenty of typical locations like France or England that have beautiful sites but EVERYONE goes ther. Instead of hitting the typical travel locations, try taking a trip to some of these countries you may have barely heard of. You could discover something special.

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1) Jordan

Jordan, a desert country in the Middle East, was once inaccessible to nearly everyone. But today, visitors can tour every aspect of the country, exploring lost cities, unique ruins, and beautiful mountain sceneries. Major attractions like Petra in Wadi Musa are unique because it is decorated with pink rocks as you’ve never seen before. Overall, Jordan Tours are great for anyone looking to see a one-of-a-kind region.

2) South Korea

South Korea is a beautiful country packed full of tourist attractions for everyone to enjoy. Visitors can tour vast mountains, islands, and national parks throughout the area. Seoraksan National Park, for example, is the site of South Korea’s third-highest mountain and features temples and hot springs. People that love to ski will enjoy the top-notch ski resorts here since this is where the 2018 Winter Olympics were hosted.

Travelers can go to many different cities as well, like Busan on the coast, or Seoul for a more urban feel. Though South Korea may not be your first choice for your next family vacation, some of its beautiful sites may surprise you.

3) Kazakhstan

People that love tours of the city, architecture, and exploring in the wild will enjoy Kazakhstan for their next vacation. This ninth-largest country features anything from sacred forests and mountains to upscale restaurants and fancy clothing markets.

An example of Kazakhstan’s unique architecture is Almaty’s Ascension Cathedral, which was wholly constructed without nails. The structure was one of the only in the area to survive an earthquake back in 1911. Kazakhstan is home to many more of these out-of-the-box sites.

4) Ecuador

Ecuador has every quality you need in a dream vacation: mountains, beaches, rainforests, volcanos, you name it. This country even features the fantastic wildlife of the Galapagos Islands. Ecuador’s beautiful historic town of Cuenca even still has strict planning guidelines that were founded back in 1557. This country’s tropical paradise should certainly not be overlooked.

5) Uruguay

Uruguay may not be getting the attention that it deserves because of its neighbors, Argentina and Brazil, but it is still equally as breathtaking. Uruguay features rolling hills, waters like Punta del Diablo, and fun clubs like Punta del Este. The public art placed throughout the country is beautiful as well, like a hand statue sculpted on the beach. So if you’re looking for something special for your next vacation, Uruguay is an appropriate choice.’

Pick Somewhere Unique

Some of the most beautiful places on Earth are some of the most uncommon. Instead of traveling to typical spots, try unique countries like Jordan, South Korea, or Ecuador. In these select countries, you will get to experience national parks, waters, and other landmarks that cannot be found anywhere else. Ecuador, for example, is the vacationer’s dream with its healthy mix of historic sites and paradise. So when you are planning your next trip, do a little research on locations, and you may find something you never expected.

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