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In the 80s, perms were the talk of the town, but today, there are many other modern hair perms and they all look absolutely amazing. Perming the hair has become effortless and fun now. You can have beach waves or just get perms that look like you had a blowout. If you have long hair, you can still get perms. When you visit the hair salon, they will treat your hair with chemicals to create permanent curly and wavy hair. Your long hair locks will look voluminous and attractive. When you perm long hair, they can make you look like royalty.

Perms generally need chemical treatment and can change the texture of the hair. Traditionally, the hairdresser will have to wrap the hair on rods before applying the perm lotion on the curls. However, now hairdressers use other techniques used to get the right curls. After a while, when the lotion sits the stylist will rinse the hair, dry the hair, and neutralize the chemical to stop the perming process.

Unlike before, you can now choose the size of the waves or curls. Just tell the hairdresser what you like and they will use the best techniques. Whether you want the beach waves or voluminous coifs, or curled bangs, you will easily attain the mermaid-boho look. However, you need to keep in mind that getting perms does not mean that you have to lose the health and beauty of your hair. The secret to maintaining healthy hair is using moisturizing products regularly.

The perm hairstyle is coming back again and with an updated version. Get set to have yours done this year.

Modern Perms

What is different in the modern perms as opposed to the traditional old-fashioned perms? Well, stylists in the past used the plastic perm rods. Now, the hairdressers can use a piece of fabric or rollers to make finger waves in the hair. They use all kinds of modern tools and techniques to get the right size of the perms according to your preference. Modern techniques create spiral curls or wavy hair. The results are always very attractive. Moreover, the new techniques tend to improve the texture of the hair. They can also take out the wave in the hair.

Modern Perms Do Not Damage the Hair

One major concern people usually have when considering any hair treatment is hair damage. The good news is that perming does not cause extensive damage. If done correctly by the best hair salon in Cardiff, then they will not over-process the hair or let there be damage-ridden tresses. A properly done perm will leave your hair unscathed.

Of course, if you have highlights in the hair, the hairdresser may have to be extra cautious when treating the hair with chemicals. If not, the perms can become tricky and may not come out, as you wanted them to.

How long does permed hair last?

When you make up your mind to get the perm, you have to prepare to go to the hair salon. It will take at least two hours to do the perming. After that, how long the results last will depend on the length of your hair and on how well you care for your hair. If you have short hair, the perms can last for three to four months. If you have long hair, the roots grow and look even better with time. The waves move lower down and the perms can last from six to eight months.

Styling and Caring for Permed Hair

If you are wondering how you will be able to style the permed hair and manage them, no need to worry. The curls do not need any styling. Let them flow in the first two months. To maintain their shine and health, wash the hair often but air-dry them. Then use the diffuser to make the curls better. You may also use the curling wand whenever you want to style your hair.

You can also use heat styling, but you have to be careful about how you go about it. You can use the flat iron but keep the heat around 3000F. If the flat iron becomes too hot, you can end up frying the perms and ruining the hair and losing the beautiful texture. Always hydrate the hair. It prevents the hair from sustaining long-term damage. You can also ask the experts at the hair salon to suggest other products that can improve the elasticity and flexibility of your hair.

10 Types of Perming Styles to Explore

Long Loose Perm

You can have the natural wave with better texture at the lower end. They give your hair a superb contrast.

Large Curl Perm

The hairdresser would use the big-barrelled curls to get this look. You need a layered arrangement to get the best looks with this type of perm.

Corkscrew Perm

These are easy to achieve for most women. The hairdresser will use the curling rod to make perky vertical spirals that look amazing.

Long Curly Perm

Curly perm offers better texture in the hair. This technique makes them look thicker and adds more body to the hair.

Long Hair with Bangs

When you get a perm with bangs for long hair, they look almost natural. The texture of the hair looks better and gives you a wild touch. This hairstyle can frame your face cut making you look chic and younger.

Long Wavy Perm

If you already have long locks, this look can make your hair look thicker and stylish. Just use the styling mouse often to refresh the curls.

Modern Perm

This is style gives you a contemporary look. It has tiny permed curls, with great texture. This form or perming makes you look great with a casual look.

For Long Thin Hair

If you have thin but long hair and you want to make them look better, then this is the perming for you. It adds more kink and texture to the hair and makes it easy to manage.

For Long Thick Hair

Do you want to wear a thick long blanket of hair? This is the one for you. Your hair will look glorious and it will enhance your femininity.

For Long Fine Hair

Fine hair needs a bit of perking to make its texture better. This perming style helps you have a livelier and chic look.

What are you waiting for? Head to the nearest hair salon in Cardiff to get perming done.

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