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Do you have to wear an ID?  You are going to need a lanyard to carry it. Dangle it from your neck, wear on your wrist, or hang it from your pocket. You can use it the way you feel comfortable, and that’s the beauty of it. From students to office goers and visitors to those who have to attend a business convention or conference, everyone sports one with an ID card or a badge. However, it may surprise you a bit if you learned that these wearable necklaces were versatile even in the 15th century. Do you want to know how? Let’s delve into this briefly.

A little bit of background of the lanyards

In the past, the French military wore this item to carry their whistles, pistols, swords, and knives. They would attach these to their uniforms through lanyards. It gave them easy reach to the necessary weapons whenever they needed. Hence, their use was ubiquitous. Besides, the term lanyard originates from an old French word “lanière”, which stands for the strap. Apart from the army, you could also witness the use of this item with ancient sailors. They needed it to hold tools that helped them perform a diverse range of sailing tasks by allowing them to keep their hands free.

If you look at its performance in the 21st century, you would realize that its practical utility is still there. Along with this, it has, however, transformed into a more versatile and decorative piece. You can get custom-made lanyards in your chosen style, design, and color to suit your ultimate business goal. Plus, it can come in handy in numerous ways, of which its role as a keyholder seems to be very interesting.

Uses of Keychain Lanyards

A large number of people struggle with keeping their keys safe. Because they are tiny and easy to misplace, anyone can lose track of their whereabouts. The brain can also fail to help you where you kept your keys the last time as this is very a small thing. And this is such a common problem that everyone would agree. If you manage to find it quickly, you can relax. But when minutes turn into hours, the stress levels can sharply shoot up. With that, the hassle of losing other items or spending the extra money to get a new key can also arise. To help customers avoid this trouble, some automobile companies offer electronic key fobs with car keys. These can have various models and accordingly, the prices can vary.

Anyway, you don’t need to worry because you now have keyring lanyard at your disposal. You can use it as a keychain. Just customize your lanyard with a keyring or hook, and you are ready to go. For ideas and supply, you can check once. You can carry it to convenience stores or public pool areas which witness massive footfalls with ease. You don’t need to worry about your keys now. Also, even if you forget it somewhere, the distinctive design and color of the lanyard can help you recall the last location.

Besides, you cannot ignore its utility as a popular gifting item in seminars, conferences, concerts, conventions, fundraisers, and others. These inexpensive items are convenient to source and have incredible promotional value. Non-profit organizations and charities in the US use this item for its cost-effectiveness and creative appeal. Even leading corporate businesses and music groups also buy this item for promotional activities. However, what type of keyring lanyard they choose for their purpose depends on the budget they can afford. From affordable to premium models, online stores can give you plenty of options to choose and decide. 

If you make the right decisions with its designs, colors, and attachment systems, you can expect to garner desired results. As hinted above, for any promotional efforts, you can use keychain or keyring lanyards. The enchanting style and enhanced functionality may compel people to retain your giveaway for a long time. As a consequence, every time they come across it, they will remember you easily. They wouldn’t have to do any guesswork. Your imprinted brand name, color scheme, and the theme will not leave any scope of confusion for them. This kind of impact you cannot hope from TV ads, online ads, and social networking activities. 

So, what are your plans now? Are you planning to participate in an exhibition, trade show, fundraising event, corporate convention, or something else? You would need to arrange for giveaways, something that can act as a token of reminder. And keyring lanyards sourced from an experienced company can fit here well. You will not need to spend a massive sum of amount to attract the attention of your potential customers. Plus, you give them something that can stay with them for a long time. Since you get many choices in these, you don’t have to worry about anything else.

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