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Kickback is the latest single (and EP) by NIK:11. The track immediately hits listeners with an intense drum beat that gradually opens up into a Miami-infused sort of groove. There are nods here to performers as wide-ranging as Gigi D’Agostino and Benny Benassi. When the vocals kick in, the song takes a whole different path with a bit mid-1990s Madonna that can be heard here as well as a passing nod to the C + C Music Factory. The dynamic that is established between the instrumental and vocal sides of KICK BACK pushes each to an entirely higher plateau, as well as giving fans a number of distinct fashions that they can enjoy the track. The dynamism that is present in NIK:11’s latest keeps fans out on the dance floor. A boost to the single’s momentum will keep toes tapping, and the other additions to the overall body of the track keep one’s attention high throughout the entirety of the single’s run time.

Kickback is the type of track that could easily crossover to the pop charts. While there are some seriously heady arrangements that will appease those deep into EDM, there are enough hooky compositions that fans will continue to dig the track long after the composition ceases to play. I feel that NIK:11’s ability to bring back retro styles with a completely new veneer is the reason why she’s able to release such an unfettered success with her latest track.

Check into the Kickback EP for additional remixes as well. The Steve Smooth remix spins the single out in a completely distinct fashion. By stretching out the composition, Smooth is able to tease fans until the time when he provides a tremendous drop,. I feel that the remixes that listeners will encounter on this EP are fairly different than what are typically offered with dance compositions. Where many DJs are more than happy only making smaller changes to an overall track, the overall spirit of the Steve Smooth remix of Kickback is considerably different than DJ Scotty Boy’s version. There is a more rapid-fire approach to NIK:11’s vocals, more explicit usage of rapid-fire synths and a definite, deliberate dubstep influence that is contained in this 4:38 version.

For those really trying to dig in deeply to the NIK:11 discography, the Kickback EP contains a 7-plus minute version of the single remixed by Jerome Baker. Looping the introductory section of the single for great impact, there is an epic feeling that is generated through smart repetition and a slightly more industrial feel to the song. I feel that the usage of single notes alongside the vocals adds another level of complexity to the composition. By holding on this note, there’s a spotlight that is given to the song’s vocals that no other iteration of the track does.

Finally, the Keystone Originator Dark Mix may be the most emotional deep version we’ve heard. There are paired repetitions here that push the track from being a more confident and strong vocal statement to a fully-fleshed out soundscape. Listeners that take a bite into the KO dark mix will be easily able to imagine themselves in a venue, gaining a double vision after a chance encounter from a shadowy figure on the dance floor.

No matter which version of Kickback we’re currently spinning, there is one thing that is clear – NIK:11’s compositions have taken a decided step forward. There is considerable variation that is cultivated through the entirety of this composition. When you have another DJ take the reins, it’s not surprising that the resulting tracks are that different. We’re excited to hear more from the performer in the months and years to come.

Rating: 9.1/10

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We previously covered NIK:11’s 6AM back in January of 2018. Let us know which version of Kickback you dig the most in the comment section below.

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