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NIK:11 - 6AM
Listeners will be immediately thrown into the fray with NIK:11’s new single, 6AM. An intense percussive track and sweeping synths immediately draw fans in before allowing the vocals ample opportunity to shine. The different styles that are built off of with 6AM is considerable. Hints of 1980s synth-pop like The Pet Shop Boys and early-1990s can be heard here. The vocal harmonies commonplace during this single provide a good counterpoint to the robust instrumentation. With ample changes to the overall tempo and a larger than life sound that is as much Technotronic as it is Benny Benassi, 6AM is one of those efforts that will undoubtedly be included in the mixes of numerous DJs.

We were astonished at the quality at the production here. Each part of 6AM is able to shine alone as well as contributing considerably to a coherent, cogent song. NIK:11’s output here is mature as all get out, while the track itself is made a must-listen by the unique style that is interlaced through the entirety of the cut.
 The video (which is included below the jump) is able to match the beat while showcasing the infectious energy of the effort. The bright lights, neons, and performers in the video for 6AM makes for a multimedia experience that one needs to watch and listen to before understanding every nook and cranny that is present deep in this composition. We are excited to hear more from NIK;11 in the months and years to come; I feel that this is EDM done in a fashion that the widest swath of fans will be able to find something that they can appreciate. For samples of music and the latest in information about this performer, make sure to visit their main domain and social media profiles.
Rating: 9.0/10

NIK:11 – 6AM

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