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People used to believe that PBX phone systems are only for the larger businesses and corporations because of their cost and features, but that is not true. Developments and advancements in phone technology have led this to be available to smaller companies as well. Now small businesses can easily get a sophisticated and modern phone system at very affordable rates. If you research the market you will find out that there are many different phone systems available to you. Because we are living in the era of online services and Internet, most systems run on IP networks. If you are searching for good phone system to use in your company, it is advisable you first consider which features you need. There are plenty of them, so check out their details at and see what exactly you need.

Types of Phone Systems

  • VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a system that requires computer network and internet connection to function. Setting up is fairly easy and in some occasions it requires adding some simple hardware, such as routers. However, you can also use your standard phone equipment and add just a few adapters. VoIP proved to be an ideal option for many small businesses and a lot of them are using this system today. VoIP technology combines data and voice traffic and also provides other handy options. With this technology small businesses can cut down their costs for making international calls and also eliminate costs for hardwiring phone lines.
  • PBX services are another popular phone system option you can get today. You can use it on top of your current lines, and the cost of such services largely depends on number of features you use as well as number of lines. In any case it saves you a lot of money, because virtual phone systems proved to increase efficiency and productivity of work. They come with wide range of quality features at little or no cost at all.
  • KSU, or Key Service Unit, is another type of phone system used by some businesses. These systems offer something more than one hardwired line. Some features include email and mobile phone integration, voice mail, call transfer and integrated voice response.
  • Smartphone system. This is the simplest technology used that combines several features into one. Call forwarding towards specific number is one of the options, which allows employees to work while on the move and always stay in contact. This technology can create a virtual office, integrating internet access, email, voice mail, text messaging and document sharing.

            These were some of the popular phone systems used by small businesses today. There are some others as well and also these systems come with numerous features and details that are not mentioned here. It is recommended you get in touch with a reputable company that offers phone systems and get informed in more detail about different systems. With their guidance you can then choose the most suitable package for your company.

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