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Are you an angler and in need of an easy to carry tackle box? Buying a backpack tackle box could be the best option for you. If you like veering off to remote areas where your vehicle cannot access, now you have another reason to buy a backpack tackle box.

 Apart from helping you to easily transport your fishing gear, it will help you to better tackle the catch when using both hands. Just like your other backpacking missions, you can walk along a stream in the mountains and catch those rare fish.

What Is a Backpack Tackle Box?

If you love ot fish, it is not enough to know how to fish and to carry a rod together with a reel. A backpack tackle box is more of a fishing backpack  designed carry fishing items. Examples include sinkers, lures, extra lines, artificial baits, and band-aids. Basically, a backpack tackle box gives a fisherman the flexibility of carrying all that he or she needs.

Types of Storage Compartments

A backpack tackle box comes with a number of storage compartments where a fisherman stores the lures and baits. Thus, he or she is able to retrieve and hook them onto a fishing line quickly. The compartments are of various types including the following:

  • Pullout: To make it possible for fishermen to gain access from the sides, there are several backpack tackle boxes with pullout compartments. A fisherman can quickly reach into the box and pull out bait or lure.
  • Removable Trays: In this particular case, the trays and placed into the backpack for easy transport. That makes carrying the backpack tackle box extremely convenient.
  • Top Lid Accessory Compartment: Changing baits and lures is easier when the compartment to a backpack tackle box is assessed from the top. There can be other compartments at the bottom but the one for storing the baits and lures at the top.
  • Cantilever: This type of backpack tackle box is designed like the boxes from the olden days. The storage trays are hinged together so that opening the lid will cause all the storage trays to spread out. Thus, you can easily access the contents of the tackle box.
  • Customizable: Every fisherman has his or her own needs. With a customizable backpack tackle box, you can change a few features to suit your needs. It is possible to add or remove sections to change the overall size of the backpack tackle box.

Benefits of a Backpack Tackle Box for Fishing

As we have seen, tackle backpack boxes come in handy for fishermen who like veering off to remote areas. In many ways, they are better than the traditional tackle boxes. The following are the benefits of having a tackle box for fishing.

  • Lightweight and Portable says that this is the biggest advantage of a backpack. It is lightweight and highly portable. Given that it is a backpack, you will hardly feel the weight of the fishing tools and gear. With one of these, an angler can carry virtually everything he or she needs without all the weight and inconvenience making life difficult for him. If the fishing trip is going to take hours, then this is the kind of tackle box to carry.

  • Additional Flexibility

Backpack tackle boxes are made of fabric materials which are flexible. Compared to the rigid plastic tackle boxes, these particular ones provide for more wiggle room especially for fishermen who intend to carry much more than usual. Apart from the fishing gear, baits, and lures, one can also easily carry personal items for the trip. In fact, it is possible to remove the trays you do not need to create room for other items. This versatility makes a backpack tackle box very desirable.

  • More Storage

When making a comparison between a plastic tackle box and a backpack tackle box, the latter comes out stronger when it comes to providing more storage. Apart from the trays, the backpacks have extra pockets and compartments on the exterior. Here, you can keep all types of personal items including water bottles. This removes the need for extra storage when going on your fishing expedition. With a plastic tackle box, you would definitely need a separate backpack to accommodate those items.

  • Easy To Carry

If you have used a plastic tackle box before, you understand how hard it can be carrying one. For sure, the handle is stiff and difficult to handle. Not so for backpack tackle boxes that are easy to carry. They come with shoulder straps and some may even feature waist straps for easy haulage. Thus, you can carry it just like any other backpack. The convenience you get in terms of access to remote fishing locations is incomparable. And, you do not need a car to do it.

  • Versatile

The versatility of a backpack tackle box does not just lie in its ability to accommodate many things. Rather, it is also about how and where you can carry it. You can carry it to a ship, airplane, and other forms of mass transport to the place you are going to fish. In fact, it is hard to differentiate from the normal carry-on bag. Try to carry a plastic tackle box into an airplane and you will know the difference. Obviously, you will not be allowed into the airplane.

  • Water-Resistant

Your typical backpack tackle box will be made from water-resistant fabric. Thus, it is better placed to protect your fishing gear against damage caused by exposure to water. You can comfortably carry it next to the banks of the river and not worry about your gear getting soaked up with water.

All anglers should seriously think of acquiring a backpack tackle box. It will make your fishing expeditions easier and more enjoyable. Apart from being easy to carry, it is also flexible in terms of the things you can carry. So, you have every reason to consider buying this type of tackle box.

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