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Every dollar counts. That saying is especially true when you have a big family, and everybody seems to need something all the time. Here are a few tips to help you save where you can in order to have more money for the things your loved ones really need.

  • Look for Sales

When you find food that you would normally be buying is on sale at the grocery store, stock up on it. From your child’s favorite cereal to convenient pasta and canned soup, these items are ones that you can buy multiples of and know you’ll save money by doing so. Just make sure the items have a long shelf life, so they don’t spoil before your family gets a chance to eat them.

Also, look for deals on kids’ clothing. The end of season is when there is likely to be sales. See what you can get for the next year during the limited-time promotion. For example, buy a discounted winter coat one size bigger and it will be just perfect next Christmas.

  • Buy a Used Vespa

You can surely find a used Vespa for sale in great condition instead of buying a brand new one. It’s significantly cheaper than insuring a car, and the good news is the repairs and fuel are less expensive, too! You can also get around faster than you can with a car if you live in a high-traffic area.

  • Sell Old Textbooks

Books and textbooks can be pricey, so there are always plenty of people interested in buying second-hand. Look at all your old books, decide which you won’t ever need again and put them up for sale on online marketplaces. 

  • Check out Dollar Stores

Many everyday items are often cheaper at dollar stores than grocery stores. Stock up on soap, toothpaste, deodorant, and even school supplies here.

Why pay more elsewhere when the dollar store down the street has regular prices that beat other stores? You might also find some great stocking stuffers for Christmas.

  • Get a Library Card

This is something the whole family can benefit from. All the books on the best-seller list make their way to the public library at some point. So, consider waiting a couple of months after they are released to read them for free at the library. You can also find a great selection of DVDs there, too.

  • Switch to Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy-efficient light bulbs are good for both the planet and your wallet. They might cost more than the old incandescent lights, but they use less power and are long-lasting, which makes them cost-efficient over time.

  • Buy a Travel Coffee Mug

Have you ever wondered how much money you and your partner spend at the coffee shop each month? It’s likely more than you realize. Buy yourself a nice travel mug and fill it at home with freshly-brewed coffee instead of stopping at the coffee shop to get a more expensive cup.

Final Words on Saving Money as a Family

Consider every tip on this list and see how much you could save on each one. Do the math, and you will come up with significant savings each month!

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