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Every time it is seen that whenever a pandemic situation occurred a common habit in the human being is found to blame others for the pandemic. Now taking the pandemic phase that we all are going through now. You can find among people, even in social media, the COVID-19 blaming has been a significant issue. People are blaming China for the spread of the virus; some blame a particular community for the spread of the virus.

What social stigma is working for the virus outbreak?

Get impulsive stigma is human nature. When you are surrounded in a pandemic situation, and you are clueless to do anything to help the situation for you, then you start blaming others. It is not that people are not aware of the facts, but their impulse is not letting them answer common questions with the fact. Take some common questions like what is the virus all about? How is it affecting us? How can it be prevented? How this virus took this significant presence? Among all these questions, you can answer them all with fact, but the human tendency is to include the COVID-19 blaming habit in every answer. You can follow social media trending content. All include hate speech and blaming someone or some community for the outbreak mainly.

Why do people blame outsiders for the outbreak?

Another common factor is blaming outsiders for the full spread of the disease. Initially, Covid-19 blaming was only targeted to China later because other people traveling from several countries are also blamed. Why this tendency of blaming outsiders occurs? After the spread of Coronavirus, China was an easy target to blame on. This is why you could find in reports that crores of people using social media has shared some post that is targeting the lifestyle of Chinese people, their food habit, their cleanliness, and also their products. Everything was blamed. This discrimination and blaming has occurred because the virus was the first effective in the Wuhan city of China. Later on, due to tread or travelling people carried the virus with them unintentionally. This is why people tend to blame outsiders for carrying in the virus within the country.

Why this stigma needed to be stopped?

Statistics show that the scapegoat people are the one who has been diagnosed with the disease. This is why it was easy to find the target for the other people who have the stigma to blame others. Even Covid-19 blaming has caused several other blame games, which the effect on the economy, population, and lifestyle. That also causes hatred among people. This should be stopped because this stigma makes a person more violent. Instead, a better investment of time and thought would be on the development of humanity and how we can prevent the virus from reaching us.

How can it be stopped?

The COVID-19 blaming has shown more adverse effects than anything else. This is why it has to be stopped, and there are several opportunities to stop it and put that stigma away from people’s minds.

  1. The political leaders are the most significant influencers of the country. This is why they have an excellent opportunity to reduce hatred among common people to stop the tendency of Covid-19 blaming.
  2. Even health leaders could do the same. They can make people understand common facts and solutions so that people don’t panic about the pandemic and do the needful to keep themselves safe and sound.
  3. Even the community leaders could help their community, and their people understand that this virus does not see any community, religion, caste, or status. It can affect anyone, and it is better not to blame any particular country or community for the virus outbreak.

Time will pass, and the virus will also reduce the rate of infection. If ordinary people do the needful and take proper preventive measures, they can only reach in such a condition where humanity would defeat the virus. It’s time to do our job and protect ourselves. We should not waste any time blaming others for the virus outbreak. It’s time to unite not to divide.

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