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Pest birds crowding around homes can be a big nuisance by posing health hazards and creating a noisy environment. The chorus of birds might be pleasing when the number is less, but when the flock increases and chooses your home for roosting and nesting, it is time to deter them by using suitable deterrents. There are many bird control methods, but most importantly, the ways must be humane and easy to implement so that you can prevent birds from landing at your home. Remember that the measures you take to control birds should never harm them but only scare them away or make it difficult for them to land at any place of your home.

From bird spikes to scare owls to bird repellent scare tapes, there are many different types of bird control methods. The choice depends on the simplicity of installation, maintenance, and effectiveness. Luckily, most bird deterrents are simple and require truly little maintenance, like some reflective devices you can forget after setting up. Besides, the longevity of the repellent is another factor to consider. Look at reviews of bird deterrents to determine what would be right for you.

Here are some choices of bird repellents that you might consider.

Bird spikes

These are the most traditional bird control devices that can repel birds from a distance. Made from stainless steel or polycarbonate material, the spikes are metal prongs that look like big thorns on a stem or branch that you can install on builds, ledges, and roofs that make it difficult for birds to land upon the place and compel them to fly away. The device is entirely safe because birds can see it from a distance and sense the inconvenience; they prefer to stay away by choosing another landing spot. Each spike covers an area of 10 feet around it, and the stainless-steel construction makes it weather-resistant and long-lasting.

Bird repellent scare tapes

Using reflective tapes is an effective means of bird control as it produces a combination of flickering light reflected from the shimmering surface and the sound produced by the tape blowing in the wind that scares birds away without causing any harm. The tapes frighten the birds that fly away from that place. Reflective tapes have many tiny holographic squares printed on the surface that reflects the light in the form of rainbow colours. Since birds rely on their eyesight to locate a place for landing from a distance, the visual changes detected by them signal something unusual that prompts them to stay away.

Repellent scare rods

This is a cheap and straightforward solution to keep birds off your home or premises. The scare rods are made from thin strips of spiral metal about a foot long and coated with reflective tapes. When hung freely from tree branches or beams, the breeze blowing across the tapes make it swirl and twist and reflect bright light from the surface that scare the birds away from your yard or gardens.

The above methods of scaring away birds are the safest and quite affordable too.

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