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Way back in the 1990s, my family and I went up to Canada for a trip. This was well before 9/11, so it was easy enough crossing the border with birth certificates and a guarantee that we were not doing anything untoward during our time in the country. A lot has changed in the years since, but part of my heart still resides there. Whether it be the milk in bags, some bomb-diggity poutine, or the numerous bootleg tapes I scored up at a music shop on the main drag in Mississauga, there’s a bit of the maple leaf that resides in my heart. If the whole teaching, Youtubing, and writing a magazine does not ultimately pan out, perhaps I’ll dig deep into my pockets and nab some Mississauga Real Estate. I know it would be a bit hard to sell Canadian universities on my ability to teach American political institutions, but perhaps I could leverage my knowledge of public administration into compliance and customer service design for city services. Perhaps I could even sell Mississauga or neighboring communities on services such as those provided by

Heck, maybe I will completely flip script after I pass over the US – Canada border and move into a different line of work from what I am typically capable of. I’m sure there’s a need for a bit of heavy lifting of pallets and other gargantuan pieces of freight. If I do not sink all of my cash into the booming world of Canadian real estate, I could probably rent out some commercial property, buy myself something off of , and put in some bids that will be competitive for companies looking to move heavy things. Whichever way I determine to do it, I know that one year I’ll be able to sink my toes into the Canadian soil.

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