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Modern hunting requires a great deal of preparation, involving everything right from the weapons to hunting gear, navigational aids and clothing. For the beginners, it would be easy to ignore the importance of the right kind of outfits. But they really can make a difference to your comfort, mobility and safety in the wild. It makes sense to brush your knowledge about hunting clothing so that you can pick and pack only the right ones. Here are the clothing essentials that you will need to gear up for your first hunting spree.

Inner layer

It is obvious that you will need to stay comfortable outdoors, so a warm inner layer is essential for the first-timers who want to try their luck in the hunting season. A thermal long-sleeve t-shirt is what you will need for the starters. Long underwear and thick wool socks are also handy as you can wear them regularly in the winter months. For fabrics, wool or polyester make a better alternative to cotton because they wouldn’t make you cold even if they get damp or wet somehow.

Middle layer

Layer two is meant to regulate your body temperature, so you cannot be less careful about this one. A warm sweatshirt or lightweight top would be the right for this layer. Adding Soft body armor is also a good idea as it offers your concealable protection, which would surely make you confident for the first trip to the wild. When it comes to the middle layer clothing, ensure that it isn’t too bulky. Except for the armor, you can take off the rest if the weather gets too warm and wear only the inner and outer layers of clothing.

Outer layer

When it comes to the outer layer of hunting clothing, you need something that is water and wind resistant. A size bigger is a good idea because you will probably need to wear a couple layers underneath. Still, it shouldn’t be too big to hamper your mobility in the forest. While you pick the outer clothing, colors and patterns are other considerations to bear in mind. A camouflage print is a good pick for the wild while blaze orange is the recommended color choice for the sake of safety. Another factor to consider is the noise level of your outer clothing because you wouldn’t want the whole forest to know that you’re coming.

Ballistic protection

Accidents happen on hunting trips and you need to go the extra mile with safety, all the more if it is your first spree. Apart from the concealable soft armor that you may wear underneath, you may opt to wear overt body armor as the topmost layer. Not only will it protect you from stray bullets but will also safeguard against the branches and bushes as you navigate through the wild.

Apart from these upper layers, it is best to have two layers on your legs as well. A pair of warm leggings along with outer pants would keep your lower body warm and protected from the elements. Don’t forget the accessories like hunting gloves, hat and boots as they are equally essential. A final tip for the newbies is to shop smartly for the right size because you wouldn’t want to be stuck with anything too small or too large.

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