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The day you find out you were expecting is a truly blessed day, the day you find out whether your house will be adorned with blue or pink is just as special. Regardless of whether you have to wait 12 weeks or 20, it is a truly special day when you get the opportunity to reveal the gender of your infant. Below are just a few special techniques in which you can reveal the gender of your infant in a most memorable way.

Take A Step Back

Before we go toes deep into a gender reveal, always make sure your physician understands you want to gender to remain a surprise. There is nothing quite worse than hearing he/she in regards to your un-sexed infant in the examination room when you are dreaming of the perfect gender reveal party.

The Secret Envelope

Have your physician place the sex of the infant in an envelope and ensure you or your partner will not peek until a predetermined time.

Size Doesn’t Matter

We always hear that bigger is better and in some cases that is the truth! However, in the case of a gender reveal party you may want to consider a more intimate affair that allows you to savor the moment as opposed to trying to cater to a large group of family and friends.

Make A Game Out Of It

It is always great to have a little bit of competition in our lives. Before the gender is revealed, ask all partygoers to share their predictions. Be sure to keep a running tally of all the predictions.

Hire A Good Photographer

You may not need to hire a professional photographer, however, it is a good idea to hire somebody who is creative and can take memorable and good photographs.

Props Props Props

If you want to make your party truly memorable, props are an excellent choice. Check out these DIY banners to help reveal the secret.

Colors For A Burst

While you may not know the gender of the infant, there is no reason to lack in colors. These are perfect gender neutral colors for an incredible party decor!

The Perfect Reveal You want that reveal to be picture perfect. For an added burst of excitement at the reveal, confetti will never go wrong. Push-pop confetti dispensers are the perfect ingredient to get the crowd wild with excitement at the reveal of the gender! Or try vibrant colour powder cannons for a colourful reveal.

What’s In A Name

Be prepared to have a host of questions after the reveal including a name. It is important that you and your partner are on the same page as to whether you will be discussing names at this point.

How Much Is Too Much Pink And Blue?

This is a good time to start considering just how much pink and blue you really want and need in your life. Consider planning out a baby registry to help steer you family and friends to neutral colors that will compliment the blue and pink.

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