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The popularity of liquid Kratom is at an all-time high right now. If you’re thinking of experiencing the effects of it yourself, there are a few things you should know before you start. Here’s a guide to knowing everything you’d want to know before buying your first liquid Kratom product. For the best high-quality Kratom to give you an experience you won’t forget click here!

What is Kratom?

These clusters of yellow flowers that hang off their stem and can easily reach up to 13 meters in height are a specialty of the Southeast Asian continent. Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, is found in the wilderness of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and areas in the Pacific Rim. This tropical plant has been used traditionally for decades but its popularity has started resurfacing recently in the 21st century especially since it’s declared legal in the US. The most common extraction process of this plant involved plucking the leaves and drying them, later to grinded into powder and used in tea.

Liquid Kratom- How is it Different?

Liquid Kratom is a concentrated version of the Kratom plant that is derived directly either from the leaves or the powder. The extract is then turned into a liquid form which is usually mixed with natural additives as well. Liquid Kratom differs due to the fact that it significantly depends on the Kratom type that is used which then affects the variance of its properties. While Kratom strains and Kratom capsules are increasingly used in the US today, liquid Kratom has earned a reputable position as a convenient method. Companies usually make liquid Kratom with lab equipment which might make them relatively more expensive than other options. Simultaneously, since liquid Kratom contains additives its prepackaged products are not considered as pure extract.

Full Spectrum Liquid Kratom

We’ve already established that there is a wide range of liquid Kratom available in the market. During the process of converting the powdered extract into liquid form, it might lose the natural substances present in the plant such as alkaloids. Since there are various processes or producing the final product, manufacturers might go for a technique that involves producing a high-quality product that contains the maximum level of the natural substances of Kratom. Many individuals would want to go for liquid Kratom that brings the full experience of the 40 alkaloids in Kratom. For this reason, liquid Kratom that retains most of its natural components is referred to as ‘full-spectrum’ which ultimately means that almost all of the plant’s alkaloids are present in the liquid version.

Types of Liquid Kratom

Liquid Kratom comes in various forms as well i.e. extract, tincture, and shots. You can choose your preferred option according to what suits you the best. Here’s an overview of all three options that can help you decide the liquid Kratom product meant for you.

1. Liquid Kratom Extract

Liquid Kratom extract is obtained through a process of extracting the natural alkaloids from the plant. For this procedure, the leaves or the powder extract of Kratom are boiled. The boiled solution is then properly strained to remove any solid particles that might be left behind. Finally, the solution is simmered down which then provides the final liquid Kratom extract. However, sometimes this is not where it ends and the liquid further goes through several procedures depending on the manufacturer. Flavorings or other types of Kratom can, later on, be added to this solution as well for a more enhanced taste and potency.

2. Kratom Tincture

Kratom tincture involves the process of keeping the Kratom soaked in a solution that comprises of both water and alcohol, and sometimes a preservative solution. This mixture is kept in an airtight container while the Kratom is absorbed within the mixture for a few weeks. It’s integral that this solution is kept in a dark place and the container is properly sealed for the duration. The last step is where any remaining solid particles are completely removed before moving the solution to a dropper for the finalized version.

3. Kratom Shot

If you’re thinking of the shots you get at the bar, you might be somewhat right. Kratom is fully blended in a liquid form which is then used as a shot, much like an energy drink. A pure solution of water and Kratom is used in this process to extract the alkaloids from Kratom before blending them into shots. Kratom shots also make use of other ingredients to give it a more favorable taste.

Kratom Potency- What is it?

Liquid Kratom, especially Kratom tinctures, are known for their high potency. If you’re wondering what exactly is potency, it’s the concentration levels of the liquid Kratom i.e. the more number of natural alkaloids the final product has the higher its potency. The next question would be how does this exactly benefit you? Even one milliliter of liquid Kratom is known to have far more significant effects compared to dried powders. Secondly, liquid-based alkaloids are absorbed by the body quicker than dried powder that the body first needs to break down. For this reason, each company differs in the potency strength of its product. You can find a product that’s strength level is 2x or even one with 50x. This means that a per milliliter serving of the liquid Kratom contains 2 g or 50 g respectively.

How Much Does Liquid Kratom Cost?

Of course, the prices of the liquid Kratom you’re deciding to buy depends on the manufacturer. Liquid Kratom products depend on the quantity, quality, and potency level of the product. If you’re buying a 10x liquid Kratom it’ll cost you less than if you decide to go for one whose potency is 50x. As a general price range, liquid Kratoms usually cost between $10 to $50. Some might even cost more than that; it all depends on how much you want to go for.

How Many Dosages Should You Take?

If you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t let overconfidence take over you and instead start with small quantities. The recommendable dosage for someone who’s just starting to intake Kratom is 1-2 grams. However, if your body often reacts quickly it’s best to start with 1 gram only. For liquid Kratom products, you’ll know how many grams/milliliter your product contains. Do note that Kratom products don’t affect the individual immediately, and you might have to wait around 30-40 minutes to check. After the suggested waiting period, you can keep increasing your dosage 1 gram at a time if you want more. The precautionary limit on per day usage of Kratom is 8 g, you shouldn’t be taking any more than this at any given day. Keep experimenting with the dosage and you’re bound to find the optimal quantity that fits your needs.


Now that you know the basics of taking liquid Kratom, you’re all set for a beginner. As long as you’re taking precautions while experimenting with these products you’re good to go. 

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