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The 2020 US presidential election season was met by challenges, witnessed new innovations, and completely changed history. Politicians have for years tried to better connect with their constituents via personalized letters or even pre-recorded phone messages. They hold in-person rallies to sign autographs and shake hands, visit businesses and schools to make an impression on community members. What is new is the prevalence of SMS marketing by politicians focused on improving on outreach efforts. Here we learn how politicians are making use of SMS marketing in the 2020 election season and beyond.

SMS Messaging by Age Group

In politics, political organizations construct plans on how to win voters primarily based on demographics. Although not all encompassing, older voters generally focus on issues that are not the same as younger or even middle-aged voters. SMS marketing based on age group, gender, location, and political affiliations has helped campaigns to make major headway. Via SMS message campaigning, canvassers can ask voters questions about which candidates they are planning to vote for and why. Because SMS messaging is easy to opt in and out of, this has been a highly effective method of getting information from various voting groups.

Fundraising and Soliciting Donations

During this political season, various political parties have raised record breaking amounts of money for campaigning purposes via donation solicitations. A lot of phone calls were made and emails sent requesting financial support from citizens. However, it is political campaign SMS marketing that helped tremendously. By including a link that goes directly to a candidate’s website, supporters are able to send in donations over the web and have them received by campaigner instantly. Fundraising events also feature numbers for viewers to text, where they can provide financial support and be included in future fundraising campaigns. For political groups who want to make the most out of their contact lists, SMS marketing has been the answer.

Promoting Political Associates and Raising Awareness About Important Issues

It hasn’t just been politicians actively seeking running for office who are making use of SMS marketing; any voter who has given a candidate permission to contact them via text message also opens the doors for messages that reference critical social issues. For example, candidates concerned about police reform or wanting to inform voters about a new law may use SMS marketing to get the word out. SMS messaging has become another tool in the grassroots movement arsenal of politicians hoping to make major changes.

Out of the more than 100 million adults living in the US who are registered to vote, the majority have personal cell phones. If they give permission for political groups to contact them via SMS messaging, they are usually quite open to engaging. Whether it is donations or votes that political campaigns are soliciting, they are getting through to their audience via SMS messaging. The next political season is still years away, but SMS messaging is definitely going to be a big part of politicians’ strategies. Make sure those SMS messages are clear, targeted, and ask for voters to take specific actions.

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