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People, who are indulging in farming, know how to keep the essential supplies on in order to continue the farming tasks. Fuel in different machines is the most important part of these supplies. Maximum farming equipments use diesel as the primary fuel and it is essential to come with a perfect diesel refuelling tank that can store a large quantity of diesel.

Here are a number of diesel refuelling tanks you can choose that will help you on your farm.

Mobile Diesel Refuelling Tank

From several types of diesel refuelling tanks, there mobile diesel refuelling tanks are popular. They come with different storage capacities and very handy to use. The most important thing is that these tanks can be pulled by any other vehicles or tractors to the fuel station. There is no additional tank needed to fill these tanks from the fuel depot. Apart from that, if your farm is larger than others, it will be best to carry the fuel with this outstanding mobile tank near to your vehicle and then can pump to the fuel tank easily. In this way, it will let you save a large number of working hours which is not possible to get from any other means. With Diesel tank trailers you can move them wherever you want.

Bulk Diesel Storage Tank

Bulk diesel storage tanks have a number of advantages and the size of these tanks depends on various factors. These kinds of tanks come with high storage capacity and they can supply fuel for a longer time according to your use. Some overland bulk tanks supply fuel for several days even for weeks. The bulk fuel tank is capable of providing a seamless fuel supply to your machines without any break and the machines will deliver outstanding results without shutdowns. Due to the bulk in size, these tanks can only be filled with fuel trucks. They can store both overland and underground for flexible use.

Overground Tanks with Tripod Stand

Farms that use less fuel can opt over ground tanks. They mainly come with 1,250 litres to 2,000 liters fuel storage capacity. These were the popular tanks in the past and they have been supplied directly by the fuel companies. So, there is almost no installation cost and they were using it for a longer time with less maintenance charge. The best thing about these kinds of fuel tanks is there is no need for an additional pump. Fuel can go to the machines easily just by using a pipe. Because they stay over the ground, the fuel can supply through pipes. Apart from that, there is also no need for any type of bunding. This is because these are available in small sizes.

On-Ground Tanks

On-ground tanks are not limited by any support structure. So, space and the fuel that you are going to use are depending on the limitation of the size. According to the environmental regulations, tanks of more than 4,000 liters need protection with the help of bunding in case of leakage or rapture. They can come with a single wall or self-bunded. If you want to know about their shape, they come in several types including cylindrical, square, and rectangular forms.

There are a number of advantages to getting from these types of tanks. As they come with larger capacity, the cost of transportation is less than others. With these self-bunded tanks, there is no need to invest in building any bunding structure separately. If your farm uses a large amount of fuel on daily basis, it would be best to invest in these tanks. They are certainly the most important things that will supply fuel without any hassle.

Underground Tanks

From several types of fuel tanks available in the market, you can invest in underground fuel tanks that are certainly the best to use. If you want to get a long-term fuel supply solution within a budget, it is a recommendation to invest in these underground tanks. If you want to store 10,000 liters or more onsite, it will be best to use these tanks. They are perfect to use and capable of meeting your farm needs for several years. They come with a coating that will save the tank from any kind of rust or adverse climate condition. With underground fuel tanks, there is no fear of fuel evaporation and it will save a few chunks of money in one go. Apart from that, when you are using these tanks, there is no fear of fuel theft because no one would like to dig the soil to steal the fuel.


These are different types of diesel refueling tanks for farm use. While going to choose the best tank for your use, make sure that you have properly evaluated the capacity and the amount of fuel you are using on a daily basis.

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