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Let’s be upfront – this is not our favorite topic to talk about, but it’s so important that everyone
recognize the signs of skin cancer. Let’s learn about mineral-based sunscreens, and how it helps you and
your family, but also to help educate on sun safety.

The reality is one in five people are diagnosed with skin cancer. Spotting the signs early can mean a
world of difference in your treatment. So read on and protect yourself with some sun safe knowledge.

Look for the Ugly Duckling on Your Skin

Do you have a spot on your skin that seems to have randomly appeared overnight? Is one of your skin
spots or moles looking a little different or unusual? Skin cancer doesn’t always appear in the form of a
new spot on your skin. It can also change existing spots or moles.

Dermatologists call this the ugly duckling sign. You remember that kids book? That one duck just didn’t
look the same. It’s the same concept with a potential cancer spot. Most normal moles on your body look
similar to one another. Melanoma spots tend to be larger, smaller, lighter or darker than their normal

Trust your instincts. If you think a spot looks weird, go get it checked out by a dermatologist or your
family doctor. It’s better to be safe than too late.

Learn Your ABCDE’s

There are some clues you can look for to help determine if a spot or mole may indicate melanoma. Just
remember ABCDE when looking at a suspicious spot. If any of these are true, you may want to get it
checked out.

● Asymmetrical – Your mole is irregular in shape
● Border – Your mole has a notched or irregular border
● Color – Your mole has dark spots on it or uneven shading
● Diameter – Your mole is bigger than an eraser on a pencil
● Evolving – Your mole is changing in texture, size or shape

A Mineral-Based Sunscreen Company with a Passion for Skin Protection

Companies like Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen, are on a mission to protect as many people as they can
with their mineral-based sunscreen products, like the advice we provide through our blogs. We care
about your skin health as we think everyone deserves the joy that comes from being able to go out and
enjoy the sun safely. Skin cancer is no joke and mineral sunscreens are the perfect way to protect
yourself against it.

Know more about a comprehensive range of mineral-based sunscreens that offer broad-spectrum UV
protection for skin of all types, including sensitive skin sunscreen, baby sunscreen, sunscreen for kids
and sunscreen for face.

Thanks for reading. We’ll be back soon with more advice and guidance from the home of coral-friendly
sunscreen. Until then, enjoy the sun and stay safe.

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