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Slots are popular because they are risky, thrilling, unpredictable and also very easy to understand and play. All the above has made them very popular with punters and this is why they sit proudly at the top of the gambling food chain, as the most popular of all gambling games out there. Some gambling games that sit below slots actually rely on some skills to be practiced by those who play the games.

Poker relies on skill, psychology and strategy and there are those that have excelled at Blackjack and have been accused of counting cards by casino establishments, whilst the reality is that they are exceptional at concentrating and predicting card value sequences. With this in mind, are there actually any skills that can be practiced whilst spinning a modern day slot machine with the latest casino offers

Budgeting and Basic Mathematics 

Slot games allow you to alter your stake at any spin and the minimum and maximum stake and everything in between, can be discovered by reading the information page of each slot. Some games like Book Of Dead and Book Of Ra actually allow you to alter the amount of active paylines per spin. This means that players are constantly using basic math to set spin levels that reflect their casino balances. 

 It doesn’t matter if you are a high roller or a micro budget gambler; all spins have to be thought out, especially if you want to stay in the game. If your luck has hit the deck and you only have £1 left, you could risk a £1 spin on Book Of Dead, or ten 10p spins. Or you could choose 100 spins at 1p with only one active payline. Whatever option, math and budgeting are coming into play, whilst you consider your options. Slots gambling can turn into a balancing act to get the most out of your casino budget. 

It isn’t just in the playing where you have to make mathematical calls. Even before you have spun a reel, you have to create a gambling budget that should only be created once you have accounted for paying for all your essentials. 

Self Control 

We are faced with temptation everywhere in modern society, whether it is with junk food, or buying the latest gadgets that we really don’t need, temptation is everywhere.  Gambling is full of temptations and these are obviously of a financial nature. Sometimes you are tempted into betting high or trying to win jackpots. Big wins can tempt you into chasing even bigger wins. Losing can tempt you to chase your losses. Resisting temptation and walking away, is skill gamblers learn the hard way and over a considerable length of time. 

Cognitive Testing 

These days slots are very sophisticated and come loaded with sights and sounds and features that assault your sensors.  There is a lot to take in with each spin, as you watch out for certain symbols and check for the activation of certain special features. All this multi tasking can actually improve your cognitive functions.

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