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Slots are 1% skill and 99% luck and because of this it is hard to apply a winning formula to spinning the reels. With the introduction of 6-reeler games and slots offers, luck is needed more than ever just to hit a bonus round.

Even though slots give the biggest house edge of all casino games, punters still flock to slots to try their luck. Part of the appeal is the randomness of each slot spin. They are also extremely easy to play and understand and unlike some table games, no strategy is needed and you can dive straight in. 

Modern Video Slots 

In 1996 slots changed from physical machines to virtual entities that could be accessed and played on a computer screen. Since slots went digital all spins are generated by a computer chip that is known as an RNG or Random Number Generator. What this does is create number sequences constantly and these are converted into spins across entire online casino networks. Despite the randomness of slots and the fact that they are likely to beat punters over time, many players become professional slots players and they approach these games with a strategy, with the hope that they can eventually turn a tidy profit on their staking cash. Many punters that describe themselves as professional slots players do have exceptionally large bankrolls and these are needed to take the bad times in their stride. 

Demo Mode Slot Play 

Demo mode or practice mode is there for a reason and this is to allow players some free play to explore all aspects of slots, from the base game to the bonus, all can be experienced without spending any cash. Demo mode is important because it can prevent you from wasting money on an inferior slot with a boring base game and a lackluster bonus round that has little or no potential at all. 

High Risk Taking 

When professional slots players final choose the game they wan to invest in, they usually play with high stakes. This is usually because they can afford it, but whilst it can increase the amount you lose vastly, if you hit a bonus at £40 a spin, then you could make some serious money. Obviously high staking is for those who can afford it only and not advisable for your average punter who likes to play slots for a little escapism and fun. 

High RTP Slots 

Not all slots are the same, obviously they all have different symbols and themes, but they do not behave the same either and this can be down to paylines and the number of reels the slot contains. A good guide to how a slot might behave is by studying the RTP score of each slot. This stands for The Return To Player percentage and it roughly calculates how much of a return players get on their staking money over thousands of spins. Professional slots players tend to play slots with the highest RTP scores.

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