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You can make money on any kind of gambling game, but you do need luck to be on your side. You also need to be sensible when it comes to betting and banking your winnings. Always bet at a level that is affordable to you and within your gambling budget and always bank your winnings frequently, because luck is as unpredictable as slots themselves – visit and join

Video Slots VS Live Slots 

When you join an online casino, you are greeted by hundreds of colourful video slot banners and the choice of games these days is enormous, this is because nearly all casinos out there are slots focused. However, the live slots choice is tiny in comparison and these games are hidden away in the live casino lobby. Therefore, it is much easier to make money on regular online slots than live slots, but despite the small selection of games, the same rules applie to live slots too. You need luck on your side and the judgement to bank winnings or call it a day if your luck is out. 

The Live Slot Concept 

When you load a casino site, you choose a slot from the game library, load it up and spin away. If you don’t like the game, you can stop and skip to the next one. This is not the case with live slots and even though they serve an important purpose in the gambling industry, the choice of games is minuscule. This is down to live slots being a relatively new concept and a work in progress. 

Live slots exist mainly as a way of mixing slot games with the live format of table games. Instead of a dealer, you have a presenter that players can interact with. You can also chat with fellow gamers via an onscreen chatroom facility. The point of live slots is to bring slots players into the live casino lobbies and get them interested in the games on offer there too. Live slots also bring a social element to slots and this is missing from standard slot play. 

What can you Expect from Live Slots? 

It is harder to judge the RTP and volatility of a live slot, so playing at low stakes at first, is advisable. When you click on a live slot you will be taken to a video feed of a live presentation. Your betting options will be displayed on screen and the presenter will tell you when to place your bets. Most live slot games involve a presenter spinning a wheel and punters bet on the outcome of each spin. You can obviously win cash and multipliers along with bonuses. Some live slots such as Age of The Gods: God of Storms, even have free spins up for grabs as well. 

Live Slots Checklist 

Live slots mostly involve 1. Beting on the outcome of a wheel spin. 2.A wide choice of betting levels is offered and 3. You can sit out certain spins if you want and only gamble on the spin of your choice.

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