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Slots rank as one of the most popular games in brick and mortar and online casinos alike. There has been a steady revolution of the gambling industry with an increase in the number of casino games. This has lead to an improvement in the convenience and quality of the games. But can you play slots such as Mustang Gold for real money on mobile?

Where can you play real money mobile slots?

Yes, you can play slots for real money on your mobile device. Find a mobile casino that offers slot games. The quick rise in the gambling industry has seen an increase in the number of casinos. Many casinos offer different slots made by the best software developers. You need to begin by searching for a reliable website especially if you are looking to play with real money. Such platforms should be able to allow you to play and withdraw your earnings at the end of the gameplay.

The best casinos also support different payment options and currencies, fairness, quick withdrawals, and mobile compatibility. You should also check the bonuses offered by the casinos to get the needed motivation to play the slot machines. The primary types of bonuses you may use include no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, and free spins. With deposit bonuses, you need to deposit before you can claim them. No deposit bonuses will reward you for completing the process of registration.

Types of mobile slots

There are three distinct slot types for mobile.

· Video slots

Video slots are created with five reels, bonus features such as free spins, and multiple pay lines. They are made using the best graphics and sound accompanying a certain theme. You can also win a lot of money on these slot machines.

· Classic slots

The classic slots have three reels that adhere to the traditional setup. It has symbols like poker royals and bells as well as fruit symbols. They have simple features and a few Paylines.

· Progressive slots

These slot types can either be a video or classic slots with huge jackpots. The jackpots in this slot type keep growing whenever there is a loss incurred by punters. Such jackpots have the potential to grow into millions of pounds. One remarkable feature of this slot type is that a lot of people play and lose their money until the eventual winner emerges and becomes an instant millionaire.

Gaming buttons you should know

Having found the right slot on your chosen mobile casino, you need to know how to play the game to your advantage. There are certain buttons you need to be mindful of when playing.

·         Spin

This button turns the reels and shows the outcome. You will find this feature in most mobile slots. If you are a beginner, you will love this button.

·         Bet

There are arrows close to the coin or bet sections that permit you to either decrease or increase the size of your bet.

·         Autoplay

The Autoplay option spins the reels a certain number of times. This thereby increases the player’s chances of winning on the same bet. Ensure the sleep setting of your phone is modified to keep your screen active all through the process.

·         Gamble

The gamble button found on some mobile games helps to activate the option to stake your winnings in a high-risk manner.


Playing slots on mobile is becoming more popular and accepted by people the world over. People can now play their favorite slot games from the comfort of their homes.

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