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Playing the guitar can be exciting and fun, but beginners often make some mistakes when learning to play this musical instrument. Like other artistic and musical instruments that require physical activities, guitar learners often tend to develop bad habits subconsciously. These habits can be from the wrong handling of the instrument to improper standing and sitting playing postures. If your goal is to become one of the best guitar players, you must understand all it takes to achieve a successful guitar performance.

Using The Wrong Guitar Setup

Most enthusiasts learning to play the guitar often think they are ready to start practicing once they buy the guitar, but this is not true. This wrong idea is particularly common among beginners trying to learn through online guitar lessons without the supervision of an expert. Using the wrong guitar setup leads to quick tiredness, sore fingers, and discouragement. Getting a professional setup for your guitar makes the instrument very easy to play, so you won’t need to exert much effort or overstress your fingers. The string pressure becomes much lower, making it extremely easy to achieve standard sounds and tunes.

Learning With Too Many Effects

The process of learning the guitar starts with buying a good guitar instrument. It is advisable to get a quality acoustic guitar for beginners. It might sound great to get the delay and reverb pedals at this stage, but this isn’t advisable. Playing with pedals or heavy distortion effects turned on is not good for beginners as doing this enhances sloppy techniques and covers up mistakes.

As a beginner trying to learn to play guitar, it is recommended to play as naturally as possible. You can apply certain effects, but you should desist from doing so too often. Occasionally, you can turn the tone and treble knob on your map to produce nice and rounded tones.

Not Taking Time To Learn Music Theories

The truth is, you need to put in some effort to become the best guitar player that you have been dreaming of. Some people skip learning music theories and justify this act by saying they do not want to start playing too technically. However, the main reason for avoiding is because it takes a lot of patience to sit down and understand these musical concepts. Perhaps, some of the theories can be time-consuming and difficult to assimilate.

Fortunately, there are some guitar songs for beginners that you can start with. The key point of learning music theories is to help players understand how and why certain chords or notes rhyme well with other notes. Learning expedites your understanding of music and also enhances your guitar training performance.

What’s More

Proper holding of the guitar and applying the proper amount of pressure to press the string to the fretboard is extremely important. Most beginners often believe the process of pressing the string has to be physically strenuous, but it isn’t so. Also, you should avoid the habit of learning too much at a time. Do not get too caught up with perfection, but practice with consistency.

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