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If you’ve missed out on your favorite festival this year, why not host your own? Try your hand at hosting the event, and you can make every element suited to you.

Here’s everything you’ll need if you’re ready to take on the challenge. Who knows, you could be the next Coachella!

A venue

While having a few friends round in the garden for some live music is all well and good, if you want to host your own festival, you’ll need a slightly larger venue.

Depending on what time of year you’re looking at and how many tickets you’re hoping to sell will likely determine whether you need an indoor or outdoor event space.

If you’re hosting in a field (which will likely be much cheaper to rent), using event flooring as a temporary solution is a great idea. Rather than having everyone getting muddy.

You also need to account for parking and camping if you’re planning a multi-day event.


Naturally, a festival is only as good as the entertainment. Whether you’re looking to be the next best music venue, or a food and drink festival, you’ll certainly need something to keep the guests entertained.

Music, of course, is a great first step. It’ll get people moving and grooving around stalls or in the gig tents. As live music can be quite expensive, it might also be worth hiring a DJ to fill out some time between live bands.

Other types of entertainment you might want to think about, depending on the type of festival you’re going to host, is dancers, magicians, giant board games, cooking displays, face painting, and inflatables.


Festivals usually mean consuming plenty of fluids and tasty foods throughout the event. Which means you’ll need to provide toilet facilities. If you’re hosting your festival inside, there’ll likely be restrooms on-site; however, field festivals will require you to hire toilets separately.

Permits, security, and insurance

As with any event, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the correct permits in place to go ahead. You don’t want your festival to be cut short by noise complaints or legality issues.

Another thing that’s worth looking into is insurance and security. Things can get pretty messy at festivals, meaning there’ll likely be some kind of dispute, injury, or damage to property, so it’s best to call in some backup.


Whatever type of festival you’re hosting, you’ll want to provide food and drinks. There are plenty of street vendors with delicious catering options that will do just the trick. If you’re hosting a small event, two or three vendors will be plenty.

Rubbish bins (or recycling points)

Anywhere there’s food and drink, there’s rubbish. So be a good event organizer and provide recycling bins and garbage cans for guests. That way, hopefully, the clear-up team won’t have too much to tackle.

With the assets in place, all that’s left to do is promote your event. Make sure to create a little hype to get people excited well in advance. You could even have cool printed tickets for attendees to keep as mementos.

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