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Statistics compiled by the wedding planning site, The Knot, show that around 2.6 million weddings will be taking place in the U.S. alone in 2022. This means that wedding venues and suppliers who were struggling to meet financial goals in 2020 and 2021 are often overbooked and, in some cases, charging more for their services. In a way, it makes sense to modify prices, considering the fact that many couples are requesting new, enhanced products and services to make their big day more memorable. Read on to discover the latest demands by savvy brides and grooms.
A Penchant for Eco-Friendly Weddings
Sustainability is taking over the events industry as a whole, with celebrants seeking to rely on suppliers with transparent, measurable sustainability goals such as zero or negative carbon footprints. The average wedding in the U.S. emits 63 metric tons of CO2—an amount that can be significantly reduced by relying on suppliers that pay heed to energy and water-saving practices. In addition to choosing green venues, couples will also be looking at the many ways they can make a positive impact on the environment. These range from sending digital-only invites to wearing vintage attire, giving away wedding favors in sustainable packaging, and using potted, paper, or fabric flowers instead of cut ones imported from far-off lands.

Personalised Themes
Couples are no longer embracing tradition without question. Instead, says The Knot, they are “putting their own creative spin” on many of their wedding’s main features—including their wedding jewelry. For classic wedding ring styles include princess/emerald/Ascher-cut solitaires set over a simple band. Today, however, expect to find a few twists in chosen designs. Imagine a halo diamond setting over twisted bands, a single pearl in lieu of a diamond as the ring’s center stone, or wide matte black wedding bands instead of classic yellow gold ones. Stacked rings are also big, with some brides and grooms opting for pavé stacked bands instead of solitaires. The idea is to choose wedding designs that they will actually enjoy wearing every day.
Technology Filling in the Gap
The world is returning to ‘the new normal’ in jumps and starts and technology is here to fill the gap for those with loved ones who live abroad and who are unable to attend far-off events owing to the current health situation. Top tech for weddings and other important events include professionally broadcast live-streamed ceremonies and receptions, holograms, and panoramic 360º video. The latter enables viewers to ‘jump into’ the wedding reception to view the entire hall from all angles. Thus, all guests, entertainment, and food can be viewed as if the audience were actually there. 3D panoramic photography is also being used to enable guests from abroad to ‘introduce themselves’ into group wedding photos so they can feel closer to friends and family.
The wedding industry is back in full swing, despite its evident challenges in 2020 and 2021. Couples are celebrating smaller, more intimate weddings but are making up for smaller sizes by customizing their events and including their values, hobbies, and tastes in their ceremonies and receptions. They are also turning to technology to extend the magic of their day to friends and family who are unable to attend owing to travel or health restrictions.

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