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Welcome to the world of truck modification!

There is a healthy truck modification scene in the United States of America. Truck owners try all kinds of tricks to make their steeds faster, better at climbing, and more satisfying to drive. Here are some of the options you have for making your truck outperform stock models. Bear in mind that Do-It-Yourself performance tuning is easy to get wrong. If you have any doubts about the changes you want to make, then take it to a professional engineer. Tuning your truck can impact the price you pay for insurance.

Pedal Commander

Modern trucks often use electric ‘fly by wire’ controls. This means that instead of a fuel line being directly opened when you press your gas pedal, your foot on the pedal sends an electric signal to a computer, which then dictates the amount of fuel that is let into the engine. This system is not great for performance, as the amount of gas let into your engine is ultimately dictated by the computer, not your foot. The authors of this guide to Ford F-150 performance mods highly recommend fitting a pedal commander. Pedal commanders alter your pedal’s relationship with the vehicle computer and allow you to have more direct control of acceleration.

Cold Air Intake

Stock trucks often suck in air to combust using an intake very close to the hot engine. This is detrimental to performance. Engines run better on cold air. Cold air aids in combustion a surprising amount due to containing more oxygen. Replacing your stock air intake with a large cold air intake that is well separated from your engine can help you achieve more torque and horsepower. The improved performance of your truck will be instantly obvious once you put the pedal to the metal for the first time.

DIY Digital Tuning

A central computer controls most of the performance parameters in a modern truck. Manufacturers usually like to tune vehicle computers to get the best balance between performance and efficiency. If, however, you are after increased performance over everything else, you can alter these parameters by using a DIY digital tuning rig. These minicomputers do not come cheap but allow you to reprogram your vehicle with ease. You can make mistakes while doing this that seriously harm efficiency, so be careful. A professional performance engineer will also be able to tune your truck’s computer, but you will end up parting with quite a bit of money for their help.

 Performance Tires

Tires seriously affect your truck’s performance. The tire you purchase should depend upon what you intend to use your truck for. Off-road enthusiasts should consider getting high-profile mud tires. Street speedsters need to pick up some low-tread, low-profile tires. High-profile tires look great but don’t suit every purpose. All-terrain tires have a very ‘aggressive’ look due to their tread and have proven popular with people who value off-road performance gains while sacrificing some street performance.

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