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Hairstyles are a crucial part of human identity. When people get a haircut, they often feel like a ‘new me’, and it goes to show just how a hairstyle can define how people feel about themselves, and the messages of expression that they want to send to others.

Much like with items of clothing, hairstyles follow fashion trends, and each year there are emerging styles that take the market by storm, as well as old favorites that make a return, often with a modern twist or addition.

In a generally more liberal world, hairstyles are no longer something to be judged and frowned upon in day-to-day life – meaning there are ever more creative minds trying their luck at exotic cuts, coloration, and longer growth to pin down the hairstyle that suits them best.

Hairstyles are often an incredibly poignant signifier for some time, whether it’s mullets in the 1980s, ‘Bieber’ cuts in the early 2010s, or frosted tips in the 2000s.

Read on to find out more about which of these hairstyles is winning big in 2022, and how this correlates with general trends regarding fashion and self-expression.

Natural Styles

In a world where there are so many products, tools, and tips out there for changing or modifying hair, it could be quite surprising to some that in 2022, people are being encouraged to embrace their natural hair.

It is easy to see why people may want to emulate the hair of their celebrity idols, or simply try something new, but by going with natural styles you subject your hair to less damage, such as that from heat treatment and vigorous brushing.

Natural style doesn’t necessarily mean the hair you get out of bed or the shower with but instead encourages the bringing out of natural, distinct features, such as waves, curls, and other unique hair characteristics.

Bobs are Back

Even though bobs are never far from the limelight, and have survived wave after wave of new and rehashed styles, they are truly back in the spotlight during 2022.

As mentioned previously, general trends are leaning towards natural styles, and using what you have to the best of your ability. This is no different with the 2022 bob, which is far less sterile than previously tight-cut renditions, and makes use of natural volume, flicks, and imperfections in a person’s hair.

Curtains for Men and Women

It’s always important to know what hair accessories are on trend, as these can always be useful for arranging your hair should it be a little unruly.

One style that may need hair accessories is curtains – an old favorite that has returned with a thoroughly modern makeover, with far fewer 90s forced perms and more of a drape that is considerate of a person’s natural hair structure.

Again, persisting with the theme of embracing natural hair and its unique qualities, the idea with these relaxed curtains is that they should be relatively easy to set up, while still making you feel attractive and smart.

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