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What Love Is, the first single on Doc City’s Welcome to Doc City has an absolutely timeless feel. There’s a fair amount of lounge, a bit of jazz, and all the passion and charisma that one could conceivably desire. It’s not just the vocals here; each element that contributes to the composition has their own immense sound that resounds loudly. When You Are Near shifts up things a bit. The vocals encountered here straddle the line between 1980s singer-songwriters and Broadway. The back and forth that these vox have with the brass is as rich and fulfilling as one can find.

Your Ego Too is one of our favorite tracks on Welcome to Doc City. The robust funk and soul that play front-and-center here stand out on the album all while the constituent elements of the backing band unite to make some of the most deep arrangements out there. Heart Just Won’t Give Up slows things down to allow for a more R&B-meets-smooth jazz style to shine.

I’ll Still Be There For You is heartfelt and toucing, allowing a very delicate guitar and vocal duo the spotlight. This is one of those transformative efforts, the prime example of a track that tells volumes in the course of just a few short minutes.

The level of comfort and familiarity that listeners will achieve with the Deluxe Edition of Doc City’s album ensures that the album will regularly be played. The album ends with a few remixed and reimagined songs, including a dance mix of Sweetest Taboo and a reprise of No Goodbyes that puts the final touches on the disc. For additional information about Doc City, check out their linked profiles below.

Top Tracks: When You Are Near, Heart Just Won’t Give Up, I’ll Still Be There For You

Rating: 8.3/10

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