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Sprockets, the introductory track from Globus’ new album Cinematica, acts as a set-piece for the tracks that are to follow. Peace In Our Time has the act build up a dramatic, dark cityscape that represents the perfect backdrop for the sensual, charismatic vocals that are laid down soon after. The momentum of PIOT gradually increases to a break-neck piece; Globus will have listeners firmly on the edges of their seats by the time that this song ceases. O California begins in a beautiful fashion as Globus starts to spin off in bold directions. I believe that it’s this spirit of exploration that shines the brightest during Cinematica. The band’s I’m Afraid Of Americans refreshes the Bowie standard with the band’s unimitable style. There’s an angsty energy here, a vitality that is hard to deny. The bit of orchestral and jazz (particularly in regard to the instrumental section separating the track’s beginning and end) heard during this cover keeps things interesting as fans continue on.

You’ll Never Walk Alone showcases that Globus continues to innovate even late into their album. There’s a delicate approach that resonates loudly during this cut, showcasing a technically amazing effort that has just enough in the way of hook to garner playlist and modern rock radio rotation placements.

Cinematica ends with Golden Dream (letter from Adi Abe), an eight-minute composition that is epic in how it pans out. There is a narrative that hits listeners from the onset of the track, while the act continues to shift and change their output regularly here. Golden Dream is a tale that will have listeners floating along through numerous soundscapes. A perfect end to a wholly engaging disc.

Top Tracks: Peace In Our Time, I’m Afraid Of Americans,

Rating: 8.6/10

Globus – Cinematica / 2022 Imperativa Records Inc / 17 Tracks / Bandcamp /

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