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PajamaJeans Blend Comfort and Fashion

  There is a belief held between the wife and I that for many of the day to day things that we do, the sort of chores that we have out in public do not require clothing that is the fancy and formal side. If we are going out to pick up a takeaway meal for example why not be comfortable? The sad fact is a great many of the…

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Mock Lizard Belt (Roger Ximenez)

The Roger Ximenez mock lizard belt is beautiful, with a heavy gauge of leather and intricately-tooled design. The belt is accurately-sized, decreasing the potential that one will purchase the wrong size. While there is a little glint to the design, this belt will make any sort of casual, night-clubbing, or business ensemble pop. The mock lizard belt comes with gray, orange, red, and yellow stitching and in two distinct widths…

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QuickDraw 500 DLX Vaporizer

We were lucky enough to receive a sample of the QuickDraw 500 vaporizer for review in NeuFutur, and we are pleased to report that it is one of the most intuitive products that we have used. The device just requires a 3-second button press to get started after loading the chamber to heat, while an easy pull from the vaporizer will provide users with a solid mouthful of vapor.

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Mission Belt in Steel

The Mission Belt is the best belt that I have ever worn. The leather that the company uses is very thick and an actual piece of leather rather than being bonded together with strips. There is a unique sort of fastener that the Mission Belt company includes with their offerings that allows one to ratchet the belt to the proper tightness without having to use one of two ill-fitting holes.…

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Feenix Dimora Mouse Pad

There are a wide variety of different mouse pads that are currently on the market but a great many of these mouse pads are not done with any sort of rigid quality control or other concern for the ergonomics of those that are using it. The Feenix Dimora mouse pad is the first that we have received that does not try to be cute or otherwise design things in a…

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Reggae Funzee

There is a good chance that winter is here to stay. As the months continue to pass winter will soon hit, so finding a reputable and comfortable pair of pajamas for the weather is essential. Funzees come in a wide variety of colors and designs meaning that a child or adult of all ages, sizes, and shapes will be able to find something that will match their whims perfectly. We…

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Ariat Terrain H2O Boots

We were lucky enough to receive a pair of Ariat’s Terrain H2O Boots. We go on a lot of hikes and other outdoor activity, so it was essential to have a really solid pair of boots. The boots are ruggedly designed meaning that one need not replace them for years after purchase. They are fashionable as well meaning that they work in a bar, on hikes, and even on dates…

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Bogs Classic Short Boot

The boots that I have purchased in the past seemed to be tools rather than comfortable shoes. If a concert was outside and muddy, you would wear boots. Feet would be blistered and sore by the end of the day, but we were lucky enough to find out a bout Bogs and their Classic Short Boot.

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HeadBlade S4 Shark Kit

One can go to the barber shop or hair salon and get their head shaved for a small amount. However the amount of work that goes into shaving off an individual’s hair is not large and the job itself would be better done by somebody that is intimate with that individual’s hair and overall head shape. The HeadBlade is a perfect device for those value – minded individuals that have…

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Nerium Firm Body Contouring Cream

Saggy and wrinkled skin is an issue that is germane to males and females , and becomes more of an issue with each subsequent year. An individual can be properly dieting and living a clean and healthy life, but chances are good that they will have a problematic area on their arms, legs, posterior, or back.