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How To Stay Healthy as You Age

Living a healthy lifestyle is essential no matter what age you are. It’s particularly important for older people, however, as simple infections such as the flu or common cold can lead to secondary infections and complications. Someone with a chronic underlying condition such as diabetes or asthma could be at serious risk due to these complications. Taking steps to strengthen your immune system and improve your fitness can reduce the…

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Thiers Steak Knives, Overpriced and Underperforming

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to review a number of kitchen knives. As we’re continually in the kitchen, it makes sense that when we receive a care package from a company containing any sort of implements, we provide some form of coverage. However, there was a set of knives that we received from France that we’ve been evaluating for the better part of two years. I was…

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Pretty Woman Nail Polishes

I’ve been painting my nails for about 20 years now, I’ve went through the years of trends and fan favorites but have never found a polish that I could truly call my personal favorite. Until I found Pretty Woman. I have never been more impressed by a nail polish. I love the wide brushes and thick lacquers, every polish I’ve used by Pretty Woman has made for a beautiful and…

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Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Reinvents Nail Polish

While exploring a number of new products for our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide, we happened upon a new offering from Sally Hansen. Miracle Gel is a nail polish line that comes in over eighty colors that performs at a level head and shoulders above other competing products at the same price point. To examine the line, we procured a bottle of V-Amplifed, a dark red with considerable purple tones, Cabernet…

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Hypnos Zero Extract Vaporizer (Linx Vapor)

The Hypnos Zero Extract Vaporizer by Linx Vapor is able to be used over the course of a few sessions without needing to have a charge. The breakdown of the vaporizer is easy, allowing for it to work at peak capacity with only irregular sorts of cleaning. The cleaning process of the Hypnos Zero is nothing out of the ordinary, just requiring that the purchaser soak the mouthpiece and filter…

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Spending some time on the Eve Mattress

We were lucky enough to be sent the Eve Mattress all the way from the United Kingdom and were quite surprised that it made the journey in little more than a week. The Box itself was tremendously heavy as one would imagine a mattress in a box would be but to it credit it was a cinch to remove the rolled-up mattress from the box. We thought it was pretty cute…

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PREM31R, a versatile portable vape

Having a vaporizer that is able to make use of all of the varieties of plant material, whether crafted into oil, a wax format, or the dry her b itself is incredibly essential. For those that have a medical card for marijuana, the different products have different benefits for one’s health. BlackoutX has made a portable vaporizer that deals with each type of material. We were quite surprised at how…

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Goodness Knows

There is a new sort a snack that is available for those individuals attempting to stay on a diet or to remove other harmful sorts of sweets from their daily routine. The ability to use fruit as a sweetening agent is something that a lot of confectioners and candy companies forget is a possibility but Goodness Knows uses the sweet elements of fruits to go and create a delectable bar.

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Jimmyjane – Afterglow Special Edition

Jimmyjane has created an entry-level set that allows a couple to have a memorable night. The Afterglow Special Edition includes the CONTOUR M Ceramic Massage Stone, the AFTERGLOW Special Edition COCOA + FIG, and the FORM 2 Special Edition.

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Olga Flirty Bra, a great fit at a great price

The promise of a good fitting bra seems to be an ideal that is hard to realize. There are so many companies that are creating bras and they tend to fit so terribly. I am not even talking about what one can find at local flea markets and dollar stores, either. Even at a number of typical mall stores, the quality of bras, their sizing, and overall durability vary considerably.…